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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanAug 30, 2016
Do you have dry skin? Are you constantly worried about how to keep wrinkles at bay, and how to keep your skin looking supple? Here are a few skin care/beauty tips to get dry skin looking good! And what’s more? You can get this stuff right from your kitchen shelves—no need to go out or spend oodles of money to get the end result.
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Face Wash: Gram Flour Powder

One of the best ways to clean your skin is gram flour (besan). Just mix it with a little milk in the winter or with water in summer and use that to wash your face. (If you wish, you can add a teeny-weeny pinch of turmeric to this mix). This cleanses your skin perfectly with no side effects. Moisturise after this.

Face Scrub: Green Gram Powder

Grind whole green gram (moong) in a grinder till it turns into a coarse powder. You have to check and stop before it turns into fine powder. This can be stored for a month easily. Just mix it with a little water and use it to wash and scrub your face gently. This powder is harmless and can be used all over the face including the under eye area (and also your entire body if you so wish). It's a great way to rid of dead skin cells! Moisturise after this.

Face Pack: Oatmeal Powder

It does not matter what kind of oatmeal you have at home, just take a bit and grind it to get a fine powder. Mix this with a little honey and some milk or yogurt and voilà! You have a wonderful face pack ready, which is great for dry skin. This should be applied to your face and neck and kept on for 10-15 minutes. Wash off gently with water with circular motions to give the skin a light massage also. Moisturise after this.

LRT Tip: One thing you can do if your skin is very dry, is to apply a little bit of organic Coconut oil, Olive oil or Almond oil to your face/body and massage it into your skin for a few minutes till it gets mostly absorbed. After this, you can use the face wash, scrub or pack and your skin may not even need further moisturising.

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