5 Foolproof Ways To Stop Picking At Your Skin

Written by Mallika SetalvadOct 10, 2018
5 foolproof ways to stop picking at your skin

We’ve all been there. That zit right where you least want it, on the day you just can’t have it. The worst thing you can do is exactly what you’re going to do! Squeeze, poke and try to prick it…till it’s too late and you’re screaming at the swollen reddish blob on your face.

You need help. And we’re here for you. Calling all of you who are obsessed with your skin—do yourself a favour and try these tried and tested, foolproof ways to never mess with your skin again…

post it everywhere to stop picking at your skin

  • Ditch the tools

    All those fancy tweezers or needles have to go. And yes, that magnifying mirror too. There’s no need to play detective with your skin. Guess what, the reality is that no one looks at your skin through a magnifying glass so neither should you. Get rid of any kind of skin tools.
  • Tell everyone

    Like breaking any habit, you need a village to rally around and hold you back. Let your inner circle know that you’ve got to stop this awful, uncontrollable habit, and they have total license to knock your hand down when they see you ‘at it.’ You’ll be surprised how often you’ll be stopped… and so grateful for it!


Create Barriers

post it everywhere to stop picking at your skin

If you’re a scanner (unconsciously running fingers all over skin to locate all the flakes, bumps, and scabs that need picking), then you’re gonna need barriers. If you’re home a lot then try putting on a face mask and leaving it on for a while, or wearing gloves, or even slapping on a Band-Aid over the spot you’re dying to pick. Sometimes a little distance goes a long way.

  • The rubber band way

    It’s like holding a drink in your hand. Sometimes you just miss the habit and need something else to do. Try keeping rubber bands on your wrist. Whenever you feel like picking, you just snap the rubber bands for as long as it takes for the urge to go away. It’s that simple. And that effective! If you’re a fidgeter, this one is for you.

post it everywhere to stop picking at your skin

  • Post-It everywhere

    If you really need in-your-face reminders to do (or not do) anything, there’s nothing better than Post-Its. What you need to do is adorn your bathroom (and/or dressing area mirror) with Post-Its that say things like, “STOP picking!” or “DON’T touch your face!” or “You DON’T want marks!” Sometimes you’re just too absent minded as you go about poking at your face and need those gentle reminders to make your hands pull back.

So there you have it… Our top tips for skin-pickers to conquer that devilish habit and never have to see bruised, swollen skin ever again!

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