The arrival of summer heralds a quick revamp of our everyday beauty essentials. That’s because the dreary heat and sticky weather can play spoilsport and do a number on our hair and skin care routines. But now, preventing this is possible—all you need to do is peep into Team BB’s summer beauty kit! Not only will it lend you with a few beauty tips for the season, but it will also help pack a suitcase for your upcoming summer getaway.

summer beauty tips with dove original antiperspirant deodorant

“I generally have very long days but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean summer BO. With humidity soaring I always keep the Dove Original Antiperspirant Deodorant by my side and do a quick spritz or two whenever I need it. Plus, it has seriously good antiperspirant protection which means sweat-free underarms!” says our beauty editor.

summer beauty tips with vaseline aloe soothe lotion

“Since summer can be especially brutal on dry skin, I turn to Vaseline’s Aloe Soothe Lotion during the season,” says our lifestyle editor. “Aloe’s known to soothe skin so even when I spend the day outside, I can rely on it to nourish my skin thoroughly. Unlike the others, it gets absorbed pretty swiftly so I don’t have to deal with that icky, sticky feeling.”

big blowout

Our editor swears by a detangling blush. “When I get a big blowout or a new ’do, I cannot stand the heat and breeze wreaking havoc with it. That’s why this is the best tool for the job. It’s tiny enough to slip into my purse, touch my hair up in the washroom and lend me knot-free, smooth tresses with ease.”

summer beauty tips with ponds white beauty cream

For our junior writer who hates the fact that she tans easily, a BB cream is a must. “In summer, I rely on the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream. It moisturises my skin and evens it out, which is basically fantastic for my everyday skincare routine. Given that it also has SPF 30, I can stop worrying about sun protection when on the go.”

summer beauty tips with lakme sun expert uv lotion

Our social media manager never steps out without sunscreen!

“Since I spend so much time outdoors in the summer, I rely on the Lakme Sun Expert UV Lotion to have my back (quite literally!). This fairness + UV lotion keeps my skin free from tanning and damage, even in the dry heat. It is also loaded with SPF 50 PA+++, whose broad spectrum formula protects me from harsh rays and makes sure my skin stays bright and even toned. Summer, you’ve got nothing on my skin!”