Back To Basics: How To Care For Your Lips

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Back to basics: How to care for your lips

Let’s admit it! A single stroke of your favourite lipstick can transform your look from drab to fab, boost your self-confidence and convert your bad days into good days. And that’s not all!

If you’re a lipstick lover, then you obviously keep playing around with gloss, stains, tints, nudes, glitter… and all the new trends that keep surfacing. But, do you know what’s missing? Lip care!

The one thing no one tells you is to care for your lips. Dry, chapped, flaky lips are a bigger concern than you think. Therefore, your new year beauty resolution should be lip care! Here are all the basics of caring for your lips.


#01: Lips need exfoliation too

#05: Treat them to home-remedies

Just like the skin on your face and body, your lips too need to be exfoliated on a regular basis. Exfoliating your lips not only fades dark spots and discolouration but also sloughs off dead skin.

To get rid of dead skin on your lips, all you need to do is take a toothbrush, apply some lip balm or Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly onto it and brush your lips gently. Brush for about a minute before washing it off with plain water.


#02: Don’t forget SPF

#05: Treat them to home-remedies

It’s not just your facial skin that needs protection from the harmful sun rays. Your lips are equally exposed to the UV rays when you step out, and therefore, they need SPF too, regardless of the season.

Therefore, before you apply lipstick, make sure you swipe across a thin layer of lip balm with SPF. This will ensure that your lips are protected and at the same time, make your lipstick glide on smoothly.


#03: Avoid licking your lips

#05: Treat them to home-remedies

While most of us tend to do this unintentionally, it is important that you make a conscious effort to avoid licking your lips constantly. If you think that your saliva is hydrating your lips, you’re absolutely wrong!

You’ll be surprised to know that persistent licking can actually dry out your lips further and cause flaking, peeling and chapping. If you don’t want to worsen the condition of your lips, then get rid of this habit as soon as you can.


#04: Moisturising is key

#05: Treat them to home-remedies

Did you know that your lips have no sweat glands? Unlike your skin, your lips don’t produce oils naturally, therefore, they need to be well moisturised. And, if you’re someone who constantly uses lipstick, then moisturising can save your lips the trauma of excess dryness.

We suggest you carry a lip balm such as the Vaseline Lip Therapy Original in your handbag and just swipe across a thin layer whenever you feel your lips drying out or feeling tight and uncomfortable.


#05: Treat them to home-remedies

#05: Treat them to home-remedies

We often pamper our skin with natural ingredients for a healthy glow. You’ll be happy to know that your lips too can look pink and luscious with the help of kitchen ingredients.

Prepare a mixture of beetroot juice, cream, almond oil and honey. Apply it on your lips and leave it on overnight. Beetroot will give your lips a healthy pink tint and the other ingredients will help nourish your lips.

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