The Only Lip Care Routine Your Dry Lips Need

Written by Team BBNov 30, 2023
The only lip care routine your dry lips need

When it comes to makeup, it is super important to get your basics right. And when it comes to makeup, the basics begin with skincare. For most girls, plump and tinted lips are the ultimate flex in our final makeup look. But truth be told, if our lips are dry, chapped and dehydrated, even lipsticks won’t work their magic the way they should! That’s why, to keep your lips feeling soft and moisturised 24x7, a quick and effective lip care routine is a must.

And if you want to know how to get rid of your dry and flaky lips, pay attention. Here, we take you through a simple lip care routine that includes hydrating, exfoliating, dabbing a lip balm and trying your hands on some amazing DIY lip scrubs at home.

Ready to kiss goodbye to your dry lips? Read on…


1. Keep your lips clean and hydrated

4. Choose cream lipsticks

We’ll say it again (and over again); drink enough water every day to keep your hydration levels in check. You might often catch yourself licking your lips, which signifies that your lips are dry and lack proper hydration. So, keep guzzling some water down at regular intervals.

It is also very crucial to keep your lips clean. So at least, once every day, ensure to wipe away any product residue or dirt from your lips with micellar water like the Pond’s Vitamin Micellar Water – Aloe vera. Just pour some micellar water on a cotton pad and sweep it gently across your lips. This will cleanse the dirt and make your lips feel super soft and hydrated, thanks to the aloe in it!


2. Exfoliate every week

4. Choose cream lipsticks

You can’t escape exfoliation when it comes to lip care. We mean, who would want to miss this step anyway? Exfoliation is a wonderful way to remove all the flakiness from lips while also getting rid of pigmentation. And, surprise — here’s how you can make your own DIY lip scrub to exfoliate lips.

In a bowl, add 1 tbsp Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and 1 tbsp sugar. Mix it together, and your lip scrub is ready. Scoop out some scrub on your fingers and massage your lips gently. While Vaseline helps trap moisture in the lips, sugar prevents lips from sun damage and environmental toxins because of its antioxidant and glycolic acid properties. You can store the scrub in a tiny container and use it on your lips 2-3 times every week.



3. Invest in SPF-infused lip balm

4. Choose cream lipsticks

You must never skip out on applying a lip balm after exfoliation, as scrubbing the lips in itself is a slightly abrasive process. Instantly grab a lip balm like Lakme Lip Love Chapstick SPF 15 - Insta Pink and apply it generously on your lips. It is our absolute favourite because the SPF 15 (sun protection factor) coats lips with a moisturising formula that leaves your lips feeling hydrated and plump for up to 22 hours.


4. Choose cream lipsticks

4. Choose cream lipsticks

We understand your love for matte lipsticks. But they can sometimes end up making your lips dry and rob moisture from them. So, to avoid the embarrassment of your coloured lips looking flaky and chipped, get smart and include a creamy lipstick like the Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Crème Lip Color – Pink Bell CP8. The best thing about it? It has a built-in primer, vitamin E and shea butter that will lend lots of moisture and softness to your lips. An uber-smooth formula, this lipstick hides creases on lips and gives an intense colour payoff in just one swipe. We love it.

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