Waxing at home might be difficult, but it’s not rocket science. With the right technique, precautions and preparations — you too can have a clean & smooth body without spending too much money.

Since most of you are still unaware about the how-tos of waxing at home, we’ve collated a list of do’s and don'ts that you can keep in mind. Read on to find out more.

The dos and donts of at home waxing

#1 Always Exfoliate Before You Begin

Try to exfoliate the areas you want to wax one day before the act, and then once more just before waxing to make sure you get a nice smooth wax. This not only gives you a better experience but makes the process easy.

#2 Don’t Wax The Areas That Have Rashes

Waxing is a strict no from our side if you have an allergy or a rash. Never try to wax the areas that have a skin rash, as it’ll not only worsen the rash but also aggravate it. Wait for a couple of days for the rash to disappear instead.

#3 Don’t Overheat The Wax

This one’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Always check the temperature of the wax before actually applying it on your skin. You might get a severe burn and you’ll hurt yourself. Maintain a constant temperature, and never apply a thick layer at one place.

#4 Apply Some Baby Talc

If you are from the oily skin family, you’ll know the pain of getting a clean arm at once while waxing. To prevent your skin from getting greasy and oily for the wax to be pulled off, apply a thin layer of baby powder on your skin before the process. Doing so will make the process very easy, and less painful.