Why You Should Switch To Green Tea

Written by Shravani ChavanSep 16, 2023
Why you should switch to green tea
Are you addicted to your daily cup of tea or coffee? Have you ever felt that a day that does not start with a shot of caffeine is not a day at all? Did you know that on an average, people tend to drink a minimum of three cups of caffeinated drinks to fuel themselves at work? Caffeine might be a good way to keep your mind refreshed but the long-term effect it has on your body is bad news.

Side effects of tea and coffee

Why you should switch to green tea

Caffeine is a diuretic, meaning it will make you want to go to the rest room more often. Excessive consumption of caffeine causes your body to loose water faster. It dehydrates the skin, highlighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also promotes skin ageing, making it look saggy and dull and increases the chances of eczema, skin inflammation and acne. Dehydration further leads to bloating and unwanted water retention. Along with sleep deprivation, anxiety is a side effect of consuming caffeine. Tea and coffee are also proven to be very addictive. So once you decide to cut your dose you might experience headaches, irritability and fatigue.


Why you should switch to green tea

Why you should switch to green tea

Green tea is nothing but a combination herbal leaves that are allowed to steep in hot water for a while. One cup every morning makes your body feel light and active and awakens your senses. It heals your body from inside-out due to its herbal properties leading to better digestion and circulation. Green tea is rich in catechins, a powerful antioxidant. Green tea is essentially consumed without sugar or milk which reduces the calorie count in the tea. It also cuts down on your dairy consumption which reduces breakouts and acne, giving your skin a hydrated and healthy glow. Green tea is majorly constituted of water and helps to keep your body hydrated and maintain your fluid intake. This eventually helps you to carry out your daily tasks more efficiently. Consumption of green tea is part of a healthy lifestyle and may help in reducing weight and also preventing cardiovascular diseases.

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