Even on those days when we can't be bothered to do our hair and makeup, we would never, ever leave the house without deodorant. You too, right? But did you know your deodorant is good for more than that. It could actually mattify your skin, so no need for matte foundation every day! Thank god. Here's how to use it.

facial sweat oiliness solution

What you need: A roll-on deodorant. You can use the Rexona Aloe Vera Underarm Odour Protection Roll On.

The hack

All you have to do is take a tiny bit of the roll on deodorant onto your fingers and apply it to your cheekbones and T-zone. We have chosen the aloe variant as it is safe for the skin and feels quite soothing.

Why this works

We know this hack is slightly surprising, but trust us, it’s super effective. This is because deodorant works like magic to keep your underarm area clean, sweat-free and dry. It has a mattifying effect in that area, and will have a similar effect on the parts of your face that are most prone to looking oily too (read: your T-zone or the like). On top of that, the natural blends in the Rexona deodorant, which contains mineral salts can help dry out pimples and prevent them from popping up in future.

Image courtesy: Instagram