There are many reasons to love the monsoons. Topping our list would be the cosy weather. Coming a close second would be the steaming hot snacks accompanying it. However, if there was one thing about the season that makes us worry, it would be the humidity. There is nothing we dread more than damp climes and the effect they have on us.

monsoon skin care tips

Sadly, the humidity even has a reach on our monsoon skincare routine. When the monsoon comes along, the sticky skin that the climate brings is such a downer! Even when we’re heading out for the day, we’re always keeping track of new skin care tips to avoid breaking into oiliness by midday. This monsoon, that’s about to change because we’ve found a solution that will take you through the season with ease.

fair and lovely powder cream

We’re talking about the Fair & Lovely Powder Cream. Think of it as a cross between a powder and fairness cream because this product is a multi-tasker. It looks like a cream but pats on the skin like a powder and provides matte coverage that lasts up to 14 hours, guaranteeing that you look spectacular every time you step outside.

skincare routine for this monsoon

All you need is an application of it to lend your skin a matte finish without any traces of oil whatsoever. Take that, humidity! Once you’ve applied it, you’ll find that in moments, your skin will look bright as ever. Not just that, if you have any blemishes, they’ll be gone in a jiffy, thanks to the flawless coverage of the BB cream. This season, take on the monsoon and its humidity with confidence.