So you’ve heard the terms BB, CC and DD floating around but have no idea what they mean? Here’s a quick refresher course on each!

BB banishes blemishes
BB is the cream that started it all. Short for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm, BB cream is the perfect marriage beauty and skincare. From smoothing your skin, to evening out your skin tone to protecting your skin from sun damage, there is a lot BB creams accomplish. They can also be used as a primer, foundation and moisturiser. Opt for a BB cream that improves your skin textures, lightens your skin from within and also gives you an instant glow. We’re very partial to the Ponds White Beauty BB + Fairness Cream. Not only does it give us our dream complexion, but also ensures we’re selfie ready anytime of the day. Now all you need for that perfect selfie is your beloved phone and the Ponds White Beauty BB + Fairness Cream.

CC corrects your complexion
Want perfect complexion in an instant? Then the CC Cream or Complexion/Colour Corrector is perfect for you. Packed with Vitamins C and E, CC cream focuses on colour correction. It performs similar functions as the BB cream but is lighter, and used primarily to even out your skin tone. It also effectively covers up dull spots, acne marks and gives you a smooth finish. The Lakmé CC Cream is something we swear by for its light properties and excellent coverage properties.

DD is dynamic
The latest entrant on the block, DD creams combine the benefits of BB and CC creams. However, they are primarily meant to combat anti-ageing and have a comparatively heavier texture. If getting rid of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots is what you desire, then your answer lies in the tube of DD cream.

So now that you’ve (almost) mastered the ABC of creams, tell us which one you’ll be picking up and why.