The Skincare Regime That'll Put The Shine Back In Your Skin

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 09, 2016
With every changing season, we’ve got to rid our vanity cases of the outdated products and replenish it with newer cosmetics that keep up with the times—not to mention the change in our fruit plate and wardrobes. Wouldn't it be nice to stick to a regime without a care in the world, no matter what the season? Whether the sun is out to sap you dry or the winter chills make your skin rough—we’ve got your regime decoded.

Your daily dewy regime is here

Your night-time regime

Nothing can play into the hands of a summer skin devil more than pores that are left wide open. Post cleansing, tone your skin shut and quench with the perfect day time regime for moisturised skin. Opt for a combination of Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum to make your skin look even toned and radiant, along with Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Light Crème for an overall effect that boosts skin moisture while increasing its luminosity—giving you salon-fairness every day.


A regime in matte to nail that professional look

Your night-time regime

Environmental deposits double the amount of dust and grime on your skin. Along with the beads of sweat that are constantly lurking on your forehead and the pollution you just cannot escape, this is a recipe for total skin wreckage not to mention—leaves your skin looking like an oily mess. To give your skin that salon like matte-finish, include Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum paired with Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Day Crème—the photo-shoot ready matte look will not disappoint!


Your sun-proof regime

Your night-time regime

When you're living in the tropical locales, there’s no running away from the sun. Follow up your moisturisation routine with the new (and pretty) Lakmé Perfect Radiance Polishing Serum along with Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense White UV Day Crème. Loaded with bio hydrators that work towards replenishing all the moisture your skin has lost – this is a must-follow regime all year round! Its luminising vitamin content also works to lighten complexion from within, which means that even on your not-so-good days, you look your radiant best.


Your night-time regime

Your night-time regime

Of course, sometimes you might be doing everything right and yet, your skin might not look like what you hoped it would. So specifically because it has a mind of its own, we’re cheating our way to good (looking) skin. Our weapon of choice is the recovery by night. Pair Lakmé Perfect Radiance 4-Week Intense Whitening Capsules Treatment with Lakmé Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Night Repair Crème and give your skin the opportunity to repair and in turn enhance your natural radiance.

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