Any kind of routine can get boring. So even though we prefer to stick by a few beauty products rather loyally, we don’t mind switching up the others.  Come this monsoon, we’ve got these three Pond’s facewashes on rotation.

ponds pure white facial foam 430x550

Pond’s Pure White with Activated Carbon
A facewash with superhero powers, the Pond’s Pure White ™ is enriched with Activated Carbon which is one of the most porous materials there is. To make it simple, it’s a form of charcoal that’s been so severely processed that it facilitates adsorption and, in this context, helps your skin get rid of unwanted impurities. It works in a matter of minutes (much like a magnet that attracts all the dirt and sebum) to deeply cleanse the skin by drawing out pore clogging toxins and deliver a smooth, purified, glowing complexion after the very first application.

ponds white beauty tan removal scrub 430x550

The Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub
This Pond’s White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub is like a much needed magic wand for our skin’s summer hangover. The scrub gently cleanses your skin to do away with the excess oil and dead skin cells to reveal your skin’s natural fairness. If you’re wondering how, turns out it’s enriched with a powerful combination of TanSolve™ beads and 50 per cent brightening cream that gently scrub away the tan while making you fairer. Another advantage; apart from gentle cleansing, it promotes the natural process of shedding cells when they reach the surface resulting in skin that’s bright, radiant and fresh.

ponds white beauty daily spot less lightening facial foam 430x550

The Pond's white beauty™ Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam
The Pond's white beauty™ Daily Spot-less Lightening Facial Foam is the quickest way to brighter skin. With the goodness off Pro-vitamin B3, it helps to get rid of deep rooted dirt and dead skin cells to reveal skin that’s hydrated and nourished. Pro-vitamin B3 increases the production of fatty acids and ceramides that help to boost the protective layer of your skin. In addition this critical vitamin also prevents the transfer of skin pigments ensuring that your dark spots stay in check and your natural fairness is restored.