The Truth About Stubborn Acne Spots And How To Get Rid Of Them

Written by Dayle PereiraSep 26, 2018
The truth about stubborn acne spots and how to get rid of them
All of us would like to flaunt a flawless visage but when we spot a stray pimple, all those dreams come crashing down. It isn’t just the bump that annoys us, it’s also the unpleasant scar and stubborn dark spots it leaves behind. Here are a few ways you can care for acne spots and make them disappear…

How do acne marks occur?

How do you get rid of acne marks?

When skin produces excess sebum, it clogs the pores. This causes the accumulation of dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria. Over a few days, this erupts into a pimple. This can be a whitehead or blackhead. When an active pimple is poked or prodded, blood vessels break and cause inflammation. When the pimple begins healing, its pigmentation and texture differs from the rest of the skin, resulting in an acne mark.


What’s the difference between acne marks and scars?

How do you get rid of acne marks?

Acne marks are formed when there is damage to the uppermost layer of the skin. It is within this superficial layer that the tone of the skin changes, spots form and turn red or brown in colour.

Acne scars on the other hand are the result of deep damage caused to normal tissue. When this happens, the body replaces this normal tissue with fibrous tissue. When too little of it is produced it causes a bump or a keloid and when too little of it is produced, it causes an indented scar.


How do you get rid of acne marks?

How do you get rid of acne marks?

The most noticeable aspect of acne marks is how stubborn they are. Long after a pimple has disappeared, marks linger and cause grief. Now there is a way to get rid of them and that’s with the help of the experts. Inspired by laser technology, the Fair & Lovely Anti-Marks Treatment penetrates 3 layers deep into the skin to banish marks, spots and dullness from the root. Clinically proven to reduce marks, this is the answer to all those days spent grieving over a spot. So the next time you are faced with one, you know who to turn to!

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