The Ultra-Rich Guide To Turning Back The Clock On Ageing

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 10, 2016
For centuries now, women have battled with dryness and ageing as two constant issues. Yes, of course, we can do things everyday so that we don’t have our skin collapsing under the weight of scales and wrinkles but do we really have the time? BeBEAUTIFUL tells you about the new beauty product you need to have on your radar (and in your vanity kit) to turn the clock back on ageing.
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Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra-Rich Day Cream

Believe it or not, this super rich day cream is infused with a real gold serum concentrate that boosts your skin’s radiance. When worked into your skin, its glycerine complex reaches deep down to nourish the ageing, dry skin cells and give them all the assistance they need to recapture their lost radiance.

A perfect go-to for dry skin, it even includes CLA and Vitamin B3 that reduce age spots and uneven skin tone. Make it a part of your daily beauty routine and within a few weeks, you’ll notice skin that’s younger looking, luminous and boasting a youthful radiance.

To use, massage this rich cream into your skin in circular motions, upwards and outwards.
It is recommended that you use this immediately after cleansing (and post a beauty serum, if you are using one.)

The Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra-Rich Day Cream is priced at ₹999 for 50 gm

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