Body piercing is one trend that has always had a faithful fan following, and we won’t be surprised if you are planning on getting yourself an ear or nose piercing done. The practice of nose piercing originated in southern parts of Asia and it is pretty common in Indian culture for women to get their noses pierced. However, the western culture has taken a trendy twist on this practice by embracing piercing styles that are not just limited to the nostril.


Different types of nose piercings

Different types of nose piercings

- Nostril piercing

- High nostril piercing

- Septum piercing

- Vertical tip piercing

- Bridge piercing

- Septril piercing

- Nasallang piercing

If you already have multiple piercings, you would know what to do before and after, to ensure the piercing heals faster. But if this is going to be your first time, it is important you know that a nose piercing won’t be easy. No, we are not trying to scare you, all we are saying is you need to keep certain things in mind to prevent infections and make sure the piercing heals quickly.


Things to do before a nose piercing:

Things to do before a nose piercing:

While taking care of the piercing after you get your nose pierced is vital, it is necessary to take some precautions before getting it to avoid infections. Here are some important points to remember:

  • Find the right person

When it comes to tattoos and piercings, you can’t trust just about anyone. Do your research and get it done from someone with experience and a license. Of course, it will be a little expensive, but this is your skin we are talking about. Ask your friends and acquaintances who have got piercings done in the past for recommendations. This way, you will know you can trust the person with the job.

  • Maintain cleanliness

As important as it is to maintain hygiene and cleanliness after the piercing, make sure the artist or technician is sanitizing the area and ensuring safety measures. He/she should be wearing gloves, sterilizing the gun, needle and nose accessory. Not maintaining good cleanliness standards will delay the healing time and may even cause a deeper infection that won’t be simple to treat.

  • Stay hydrated

To flush out toxins from your body and minimise the risk of infections after the nose piercing is done, drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water the day before and on the day of the piercing, as it will remove the toxins and give your body a good detox.

  • Pop a pain killer

Every person’s pain threshold is different and particularly with nose piercings, the pain can be acute and last for a good while after the piercing is done. It is best to pop a pain killer half an hour before your appointment to ensure the pain doesn’t ruin the experience for you.


Things to do after a nose piercing:

Things to do after a nose piercing:

You finally got your nose pierced and although painful, it was worth it, because it looks beautiful, right? Aftercare is important and you need to follow a few tips that will help heal it faster. Not taking good care of your pierced nose may result in severe pain and infection.

  • Avoid touching it frequently

As tempted as you may be to play with your new nose accessory, you should know that the wound is still healing and touching it frequently will transfer the germs and bacteria from your fingers to the wound and cause contamination. Resist the urge, even if it itches a little. Keep your hands off the nose piercing as much as possible if you wish it to heal fast.

  • Clean the wound daily

Make it a point to clean the pierced area twice a day, but be very gentle. Avoid using any harsh soap or chemicals while cleansing. A cotton bud and antibacterial liquid is your safest bet while cleaning a pierced nose. Another effective way to clean the wound is with saline water. Mix sea salt in water and dip a fresh cotton ball or pad into it. Place the soaked cotton ball over the wound and gently clean without rubbing it.

  • Be careful while applying skincare and makeup products

While it is important to continue following your daily skincare routine, make sure the products do not enter the wound, as certain ingredients in your skincare products may irritate the wound and cause itching or burning, thereby delaying the healing process. Same goes with your makeup products, avoid applying your foundation and concealer on the nose. If possible, avoid wearing makeup for a few days, as it can get mixed with sweat and transfer to the pierced area.

  • Try home remedies

Some home remedies are effective in healing nose piercings as well. Here’s what you can do, if there’s still a little swelling after a few days since the piercing. Apply a little bit of lavender oil, it will soothe the area and accelerate the healing process. Another natural ingredient that is a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agent is turmeric, as it keeps infections at bay and helps heal the wound faster. However, it may stain the skin a little, so be careful while using this natural ingredient on your nose.


Frequently asked questions about nose piercing:

Frequently asked questions about nose piercing:

1) How long does it take for a nose piercing to heal completely?

A. A nostril piercing takes anywhere between 4 to 6 months to heal whereas a septum piercing will take a shorter time, say about 6 to 8 weeks. Cleaning it regularly and getting infections (if any) treated immediately will accelerate the healing process.

2) How do I know if the nose piercing has healed?

A. The skin will go back to its original form, there will be no swelling, redness or discharge of any sort from the wound. This will be the safest time to change your nose stud or ring. Ensure that you are cleaning your nose accessory from time to time.

3) How painful is a nose piercing?

A. Every person’s pain threshold is different, but the pain is enough to make your eyes water. For some people, it is not more than a pinch or twinge. It also depends on the piercing artist’s experience and skills. For first-timers, it is recommended to pop a pain killer before going for the piercing.


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