My lips are perpetually chapped. I wish it was just a winter thing, but it’s not. In fact, they look nothing less than the Sahara desert during the cold months, and trust me, that’s painful. I don’t remember what exactly made my lips this dry, but it’s been a few years that I’ve been fighting this battle with dry lips and they have never quite felt normal.

Now before you think you have a recommendation for me, let me tell you that I’d used every drugstore remedy and tried several DIYs, but nothing worked. Every time I exfoliated my lips to get rid of dead skin, the skin that grew back was flaky, so it was a never-ending cycle. The constant dryness also made my lips very dark, so the first thing people would ask me when I met them for the first time is – do you smoke? I don’t!

Naturally, I was up for anything that seemed convincing to help rid me of my dry lips problem.

what worked for my dry lips

My mom was the first to come up with a solution to my problem. She recommended applying pure ghee or desi ghee every night before bed. DIYs somehow always seem like the safest and best bet, don’t they? So, I went ahead and massaged some pure ghee onto my lips every night for two weeks straight.

The result: Nothing changed! Either I dreamt of eating parathas and landed up licking all the ghee right off in my sleep, or this natural remedy really doesn’t work. Frankly, the latter sounds more believable.

what worked for my dry lips

The other DIY enthusiast in my life is my bestie. She’s on Pinterest almost all day and is constantly trying something or the other with ingredients from her pantry. She has great skin, so when she suggested applying raw honey to moisturise my lips, I quickly tried that too.

The result: It’s messy and sticky AF! But it did make my lips a bit soft. The dryness, however, wasn’t going anywhere.

what worked for my dry lips

If you’re still not feeling my angst, let me explain it in makeup junkie lingo. I’d love to wear a matte lipstick one day and not hate it the second I put it on my lips. It’s this very sentiment that led me to try exfoliating my lips using a natural scrub. Apparently, this is meant to remove dry and dead skin, and help your lipstick go on smoothly.

The result: The coconut oil and sugar paste did remove the surface dryness on my lips, but as the day went by, my lips became chapped again. By the end of the experiment, let’s just say I was still scared to try a matte lipstick!  

what worked for my dry lips

I know it’s time I stopped my sob story and told you WHAT exactly worked for me, right? It’s the Lakme Lip Love Chapstick. I generally don’t go around touting drugstore products, but this one seems like a real winner.

The result: Obviously it didn’t work overnight, but within a week it really improved the look of my lips, as it is super hydrating and nourishing. Leaving it on overnight has made a huge difference to my lips; a lot more than applying ghee or honey did.

So yes, the chapstick has become my go-to and I never leave home without it. Depending on my mood, I keep switching between the cherry and apricot variant, ‘cause what girl doesn’t like a little colour on her lips, right?

If you’re looking for a solution to your dry lips problem, I recommend you to give this product a shot. It will save you a ton of trouble trying to DIY potions that almost never work!