Till a few weeks ago we knew nothing about activated charcoal but now that we read up everything possible about it (thanks, interwebz!) we can’t wait to get our hands on one of these capsules or powders. Here’s why it’s become the latest craze to take the beauty industry by storm…

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Eliminates toxins
Owing to the fact that it functions on adsorption, activated carbon helps eliminate toxins from the body. This includes impurities that might be lurking on the surface of your skin in the form of acne or bacteria. A common remedy is a mask made of carbon, rose water, tea tree oil and aloe vera gel.

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Whitens teeth
For those who prefer to use natural measures to whiten their teeth and gums, brushing with activated carbon is often a very common suggestion. Although the carbon is black, it won’t stain your teeth and over time, even helps whiten them.

3 benefits of activated charcoal 430x550

Doubles up as a cosmetic
Since our great grandmothers were basically using homemade kohl before eyeliners and kajals came along, activated carbon in powder form can also double up as a jet black liner for your cat eye look or otherwise. Just mix it with a drop of water till it reaches a paste like consistency and then use an angular brush to draw a cat eye. (Highly recommended if you’re going for that dramatic/goth look.)