Who wouldn’t want their skin to look and feel moisturised after every face cleanse. But, contrary to our expectations, we’re left with itchy, dry skin that pulls. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised when the Dove Beauty Face Washes promised both thanks to their NutriumMoisture™ technology that can repair the damage done by cleansing and restore the skin’s moisture. Here’s why we recommend the three variants for different skin concerns…
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BB recommends: Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash for moisturised and soft skin

If your main concern is skin that super dry post cleansing, we recommend the Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash. Enriched with NutriumMoisture™ which restores the skin’s natural moisture by doubling up as a unique beauty serum, it effectively cleanses the skin while also replenishing moisture leaving it feeling nourished and giving it back its natural bounce.

BB recommends: Dove Deep Pure Beauty Face Wash for deeply cleansed and smooth skin

If you’re prone to breakouts, the first thing you need to do it clean your skin and your diet! While adopting a greener diet and drinking ample of water will work wonders for your skin, we recommend you try the Dove Deep Pure Beauty Face Wash for skin that’s thoroughly cleansed from inside and out. It has fluffy micro-puffs that penetrate deep into your pores to rid them of any excess dirt or sebum thus eliminating the chances of acne. In fact, its microgranules ensure that that this face wash works better regular scrubs to reveal clean, smooth skin.

BB recommends: Dove Go Fresh Face Wash for non-sticky, fresh skin

If you suffer from the perpetual oily skin syndrome no matter what the season, the Dove Go Fresh Face Wash should be your saviour. It does double time by gently ridding your skin of any excess sebum and stickiness whist retaining skin’s moisture levels. It is also enriched with citrus orange oil which is a super effective cleansing aid that can remove any trace of dirt and stickiness and cause your skin discomfort. Plus, it leaves behind a wonderful fragrance of mandarin orange.