Wouldn’t it be great if we could all put ourselves in the dryer and come out wrinkle free? Alas, that is just a sweet fantasy that only has any credibility in our dreams. But bringing those dreams to the surface of reality are three fabulous tips to keeping wrinkles at bay. After all, it’s better to start protecting your luminous skin from right now so the consequences you face later won’t be quite as textured, if you get our drift.

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Load up on grapefruit because grapefruit is a powerful exfoliator that will loosen dead skin cells and exfoliate dry skin. Cut back on sugar because consuming excess sugar leads to glycation, which leads to prematurely ageing skin and load up on the greens. Eating dark, leafy vegetables which are high in antioxidants help your skin’s battle against harmful free radical damage.

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Pond’s Gold Radiance Ultra-Rich Day Cream really is a stellar product. Infused with real gold serum concentrate, all you need is just one precious drop to recapture your youthful radiance. Using this product on a daily basis will revitalise your skin so you can keep it looking lovely, luminous and youthful.

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Your eyes are the first place that you’ll start spotting wrinkles and signs of ageing. This is because the skin around your eyes is weaker and thinner than the rest of your face. In addition, we know that the sun causes wrinkles. Given these facts, if you’re looking to prevent a serious case of crow’s feet, we’d recommend a stylish remedy: UV protective sunglasses. Not only will these glasses protect your precious eyes but they’ll block some of the UV rays that damage the skin around it.