While we’re sure you take full advantage of post-sunset time to nourish and pamper your skin—with everything from Ayurvedic skin treatments to deep pore cleansing, complete with eye creams and night-time face masks, come sunrise we guarantee you will just about manage to brush your teeth, slap on some lip gloss and mascara and make it in time to catch the local. And while we’re no one to judge—what we can do is offer you a simple morning ritual by giving you no more than three essentials to stick to, to seriously up your complexion game. Read on and brighten up.

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The second you step out for the day, know that you are exposing your relatively sensitive skin to an array of pollutants: everything from cigarette smoke to car fumes as well as soot, pollen and an array of other pollutants that directly affect your skin. Instead of spending all your spare time and cash-flow on anti-ageing products, you’re better off spending a little maintenance time in the morning to ensure that your skin is well protected and hence, will not need that basket of semi-effective, high-budget products. Start off your day by cleaning your skin and arming it with antioxidants to really get ready to face the day.

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Next up, is the obvious approach—SPF. UV protection is your go-to product to start your day on a healthy note. Whether you’ve got a job that keeps you outdoors running from site to site or whether you’ve got a desk job in an air-conditioned cubicle—sunscreen is a must! By taking this one protective and easy step, you will be saving yourself oodles of time, wrinkles and sun-spots in the near future. Don’t get lazy girls, this one’s definitely worth it!

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And finally to get that magical look you’re seeking, you’ll need some basic coverage. With Lakmé Face Magic Skin Tints Soufflé, you’ve got coverage that’s perfect for every day. 100 per cent water-based and packed with cucumber extracts—you can rest assured that this product will relax your skin, giving it a flushed glow, while still giving your skin the nutrients it needs to make it through the day. Mornings aren’t meant for decking your face with heavy foundation and concealer—instead of hiding your flaws, we’re asking you to protect your skin and celebrate your features and this product does just that. And that’s a good morning to you!