We often tend to neglect the importance of a good night’s sleep because all the fun things happen at night, are we right? But, lack of sleep can lead to countless problems. From speeding up your ageing process to impacting your mental well-being, it can do it all. Not getting enough sleep can lead to wrinkles, uneven skin tone and acne. And if we dig deeper, it can cause irritability, inability to stay focused and hallucinations in extreme cases. To ensure you get ample sleep every night, we’re giving you five easy tips.


Don’t eat right before bedtime

Don’t eat right before bedtime

A lot of people make the mistake of having their dinner and going right to bed after that. But this practice is wrong. Lying down right after you’ve eaten hinders digestion and makes one feel uncomfortable.

Keep at least an hour before your bedtime and dinner. After dinner, try going on a walk for 10-15 minutes. You can also catch an episode of your favourite show but stay in a seated position.



Soothe your mind

Soothe your mind

A restless mind will never provide a peaceful sleep. It’s important to shut out everything that makes us feel uneasy and switch to something relaxing.

Calm yourself mentally by reading before bed. Reading triggers your thinking in the best way helps build your vocabulary and gives you different perspectives. If you’re not a fan of books, read articles of your choice.

But that’s not all, you can also do this by lighting a scented candle or diffuser. Pick a bottle of lavender essential oil and let your fragrance diffuser do its job. Lavender is known and trusted for its relaxing qualities that help people doze off. In severe cases, this pretty plant is also used to treat insomnia.


Don’t indulge in negativity

Don’t indulge in negativity

We often tend to chat with our friends or family members before bed to vent about our day. This is the time we unload and share about all the inconveniences we faced throughout the day. And if not that, we like to catch up on our favourite celebrity gossip that we may have missed throughout the day.  But, this only feeds your subconscious mind and engraves the negativity in your brain.

Detach yourself from anything of that sort. Try to focus on positivity so that is the last thing your brain can capture before you hit the sack. If you’re still unsure what to do, try playing affirmative videos in the background while you slowly fall asleep. Concentrate on the words and try to sleep.


04. Pamper yourself

Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself is never a bad idea. Spend some ‘me-time’ by playing with skincare before bed. Use deeply nourishing products so that even your skin is as relaxed as you are. We love the Lakmé Absolute Hydra Pro Overnight Gel for nighttime moisturisation. It eases any irritation on the skin by hydrating from within so your skin is feeling its best!

And don’t forget your body. Dryness and uneasiness in the body can also lead to disturbed sleep. Slather on a generous amount of body lotion before bed to avoid that. Try the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Argan Oil & Lavender Soothe Body Lotion to nourish your skin. It combats any traces of dryness to give you maximum moisture. The soothing scent of handpicked French lavender is to die for.


05. Sleep in comfortable hairdos

Sleep in comfortable hairdos

This may sound crazy but your hair also plays a role in your sleep schedule. Tying your hair too tight or in uncomfortable ways can lead to tugging in random spots, further increasing the chances of a headache. Moreover, this will keep waking you up throughout the night just so you could flip your hair in a different spot.

Avoid this tiny problem by picking loose hairdos for bed. The best option is to let 'em down, of course. But if you have long hair, you can also try a loose braid.