Summer is here, and it's time to let your feet breathe! You have bought new sandals and flip-flops that you can’t wait to slip into. But are your feet sandal-ready? If you are worried about dry feet or cracked heels ruining your look, we are here to solve that problem.

With our simple tips, your feet will be ready for summer in no time! Scroll down and keep reading as you add more sandals to your online shopping cart.


1. Go for a pedicure

Go for a pedicure

Well, this one is obvious, but we still have to mention it. Why? Because your feet don’t even get half of the attention your face does. This leaves it looking dry and unappealing. Regular pedicures are essential to keep your feet healthy and soft. If you don’t wish to spend too much, do one at home. DIY pedicures are simple and don’t require any special products. Don’t know how to do it? Read all about a DIY pedicure here.


2. Wear socks to bed

Wear socks to bed

There are many benefits of wearing socks while sleeping at night. Other than helping your body stay warm and preventing hot flashes, applying body lotion or Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on your feet and wearing socks over it can lock the moisture in. The socks will prevent the products from getting rubbed off on the sheets and give you baby soft feet in the morning.


3. Use foot masks

Use foot masks

Just like sheet masks for your face, there are foot masks for your feet that peel off dead and rough skin. They are also infused with moisturising ingredients that nourish your feet at the deepest level to give you smooth and soft feet.


4. Get a pumice stone

Get a pumice stone

Using a pumice stone is super important to get rid of rough skin and calluses. However, don’t use it every day as it can leave your feet dry and make the skin more susceptible to calluses. Once a week is good enough. After rubbing your feet with a pumice stone, make sure to put on a foot cream like the Vaseline Derma Care Cracked Foot Repair Cream. Infused with glycerine and vaseline jelly, it soothes and softens rough, cracked heels while strengthening the skin’s barrier.