Skin Experts Reveal The Cause For Hyperpigmentation In Working Women

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Skin experts reveal the cause for hyperpigmentation in working women

Every day exposure to sun and pollution can take a serious toll on your skin. Prolonged sun exposure is one of the main causes of hyperpigmentation in working women. Hyperpigmentation causes the skin to darken and can occur in small patches, cover large areas, or affect the entire body.

To understand the causes of hyperpigmentation and to prevent this skin concern, we asked experts Dr. Nitika Arya, M.B.B.S DD Skin Specialist & Dermatologist Sai Child & Skin Care Clinic, Chandigarh and Dr. Asim Kumar Sarkar, M.B.B.S, DVD, DGO, FIAMS, FICMCH Kolkata to guide us and help us map a skincare regimen accordingly.

What causes hyperpigmentation

Dr. Asim Kumar Sarkar shares the causes for hyperpigmentation and how to deal with it...

What are the various lifestyle changes that can make urban, working women likely to develop hyperpigmentation?

A lot of factors lead to hyperpigmentation in working women. Excessive sun exposure, irregular meals, unhealthy diet and drinking less amount of water can cause hyperpigmentation. Apart from that, not caring enough for your skin due to busy schedules, lack of sleep and taking birth control pills can also lead to this skin concern.

Why does a regular fairness cream or moisturiser not work in removing these dark marks?

If it is melasma, you need to take proper medications which regular creams may not provide. The healing process is slow.

What causes hyperpigmentation

Here Dr. Nitika Arya recommends solutions to deal with hyperpigmentation...

What are some recommended solutions to deal with hyperpigmentation? Please elaborate on the effective ingredients that help deal with this skin problem.

Kojic acid, Vitamin C, Arbutin, Glutathione, Vitamin E and Mulberry extract are the best ingredients that help heal hyperpigmentation.

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