Turns out there’s a lot more your can do with your morning and evening cup of chai than just drink it. We’ve already spoken about the benefits of green tea, but when it comes to the beauty department, black tea scores just as high. Here’s how adding a few bags of black tea to your beauty routine to give it that much-needed boost.

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Tannin to treat tanning
If you’re dealing with a bad case of sun burn, black tea bags may be your best bet yet. Wet them, place them in the freezer for 15 minutes and then apply them on the affected part of the skin.

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Tea bags for eye bags
This is one of the longest held beauty remedies for tired eyes as women the world over swear by tea bags to treat those eye bags. Soak two tea bags in warm water for a few minutes and then place them on your eyes for 20 minutes. This helps to shrink the blood vessels under the eye and reduces puffiness.

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Refreshed skin with green tea
If you wish to give your skin an instant pick-me-up, just spritz some green tea over your face or wipe your face with a cotton pad soaked in green tea.  It’ll cleanse the skin, get rid of impurities and if done regularly, can give your skin a natural glow.

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Soothe skin with black tea
For all those of you whose skin still reacts badly to threading, waxing or shaving (even after all these years,) come back home and apply some cooled black tea bags over the affected area. The tannin in the tea works to ease burns and bumps that cause the redness and irritation.

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Warm tea to condition your locks
Battle dry, winter hair by replacing your everyday conditioner with freshly brewed (and unsweetened) tea. Use it on your hair after you shampoo your hair, leave it in for a few minutes and rinse off for soft, lustrous locks.