5 tricks to make your hands look like you just got a manicure

Written by Anjali AgarwalOct 10, 2019

Chipped nail polish, overgrown cuticles and dry skin! That’s it! You have neglected your hands for too long now. You know what they say—a girl's hands say a lot about her. What? They don’t? Well, they should. While dry and dull hands can be unsightly, pretty looking, soft hands can really make a great impression. Read on for pro tips to take care of your hands and make them look enviably gorgeous.


Dry hands are uncomfortable and unappealing. Keep a moisturiser or a hand cream at hand (pun intended) and moisturise several times a day. Every time you wash your hands, grab the moisturiser and treat your hands to the hydration it lacks.  


Just like the skin on your face, hands have dead skin cells too. Exfoliate your hands with a gentle scrub to get the dirt and dead skin off and unlock brighter skin. You can also DIY a hand scrub using equal parts olive oil and sugar. Take the scrub and rub your hands together for five minutes before rinsing it off with cold water.  

Invest in good hand products

Use only good quality, rich moisturiser or hand cream for your hands. Not only this, but while buying hand wash, soap and dish wash, opt for a gentler or herbal formula that doesn’t dry out the skin on your hands. 

Pay attention to nails

Brittle nails are a sign that you don’t take care of your hands as much as you should. Trim and file your nails from time to time to avoid broken nails and apply Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly and massage your fingernails every day before going to bed. This will keep the cuticles from chipping and make your nails stronger.

Keep them well groomed

Pamper yourself with a manicure and give your nails the TLC they deserve. Remove old, chipped nail polish and file your nails. Soak them in essential oil-infused lukewarm water and clean them properly. Apply a nice nail colour and moisturise. Do this DIY mani session regularly for smooth and beautiful hands.