The Ultimate Acne-Fighting Regime For The Bride

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 26, 2018
Acne when you’re the bride? Now, that seems like a horror story. There’s nothing more terrifying than the sighting of acne on your big day. You wish you hadn’t had that pizza out of stress, you wish you would’ve paid more attention to hydration and you wish you would’ve invested in that cool facial at the salon. Sure, doing all of that could’ve contributed to improving your skin but if you missed out on following a rigorous acne-fighting regime closer to your wedding, it’s time to take the blame on yourself. But for those of you who are getting married this year or have your wedding in the offing and think your breakouts are getting out of control, you can start now with an all-new acne-fighting skin care regime. Here’s how you can adopt that...

What you need: An acne fighting cleanser

What you need: An effective scrub

If you’ve been ignoring a cleanser and assuming that water will do the job for you, you’re going down the pizza face route right there! Worse, if you’re using the wrong cleanser—one that’s not meant for your super sensitive, acne-prone skin, that’s where things are going downhill for you. What you need is this—a cleanser that not only washes away impurities but also contains ingredients that heal your angsty skin. You can get your hands on the Pond's Pimple Clear Face Wash as its Active Thymo-T essence works hard to stop pimples right from the beginning while you cleanse your face and get rid of all the bacteria and grime on it. Make sure you wash your face with this face wash twice a day for optimum results.


What you need: A spot correction cream

What you need: An effective scrub

Yes, you struggled with that unsightly pimple and now it’s gone. But there’s no end to this horror story because it’s left a scar behind and you can only imagine trying to hide the spot under kilos of makeup on your wedding day. While that sure is one of the solutions, what you can do now is adopt an acne fighting regime by embracing a dark spot corrective treatment that will lighten those marks and ensure that your complexion gets better before your big day. Think you can give this tip a shot? It’s time to choose the Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Treatment for your dark spots. It’s almost like a laser treatment for your skin as it penetrates 3 layers deep to work on the marks from the roots. Moreover, its triple sunscreens offer sun protection and prevent the recurrence of marks. Make this a part of your acne skin care routine if you truly want to reduce your dark spots before your wedding day.


What you need: An effective scrub

What you need: An effective scrub

Sure, using a moisturiser and a toner is necessary for acne prone skin but so is exfoliating your skin. Make sure you use a toner to shrink enlarged pores but also ensure that you use a gel based formula for moisturiser that doesn’t feel greasy on your skin. But you know what else deserves a place in your acne-fighting routine? An exfoliant! Why? It’s simple—acne is often a result of bacteria buildup that’s settled into your pores. This takes the form of blackheads, whiteheads and other forms of acne. Moreover, dead skin buildup is one of the major monsters behind acne. Using an exfoliant will buff away dead skin and cleanse your pores. We suggest using the St.Ives Fresh Face Apricot Scrub because this one has the power to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. It contains apricot that heals, soothes, protects and energises your skin. It’s also rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E—all of which leave your skin radiant—just what you need before you walk down the aisle.

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