8 Reasons Why Vitamin B Is Essential For Your Skin

Written by Team BBOct 04, 2018
8 reasons why Vitamin B is essential for your skin
You might be eating all the right things but if you aren’t keep a close eye on your vitamin B intake; you’re going to run into a little trouble with your body and especially your skin. While the widespread benefits of Vitamin A and C are known, few people know about how Vitamin B actually benefits your skin. Here’s a look at all the Vitamins that fall under the B family tree and why you need to add them to your skincare routine…

vitamin b6 b9 for skin

1. Vitamin B3 helps to improve the very structure of the skin and make it softer, tauter and smoother. For those suffering from flaky, dry and patchy skin, most dermats will often recommend B3 supplements or a cream.

Found in: Tuna and mushrooms

2. Niacin, also found in Vitamin B3, when combined with moisturising agents can reduce dark spots and pigmentation. That’s the reason why it’s often heralded a skin hero and included in a lot of beauty products that treat discolouration and dark patches.

Found in: Peanuts

vitamin b6 b9 for skin

3. Of all the vitamins, Vitamin B2 helps the body to metabolise food the fastest—this means it’s in charge of breaking down food and providing vital nutrients to the different parts of the body, namely, the skin, hair and nails. A deficiency can result in a slower regeneration of skin tissue, hair growth and nail growth.

Found in: Milk and Yogurt

4. Vitamin B12, often recommended as a supplement to many women, is critical in helping with the colour of your skin. It helps regulate the pigment in the skin and prevents hyperpigmentation i.e. patches of dark skin in certain areas of the body.

Found in: Eggs and milk

vitamin b6 b9 for skin

5. Among the other vitamins, B5, also known as Pantothenic Acid, seems to be quite an over performer too! It helps the skin manufacture collagen, the protein that’s in charge of your skin’s ageing process, as well as reduces irritation, inflammation and therefore persistent acne over a period of time.

Found in: Tomatoes

6. Vitamin B3 is known to assist in building a strong outer layer for your skin by loading it with fatty acids. And a stronger dermis implies skin that’s healthier, can retain moisture for longer and skin damage at bay.

Found in: Fish and Chicken

vitamin b6 b9 for skin

7. A lesser known vitamin, B6, is also instrumental when it comes to acne—a small but basic requirement can help combat pimples and excess sebum but go overboard, and you might end up dealing with breakouts.

Found in: Bananas

8. Vitamin B9 aka folic acid is instrumental in helping the body generate more RBCs (red blood cells.) This means it goes a long way when it comes to repairing injured tissues and skin damage of all sorts—blemishes and rashes or external injuries.

Found in: Spinach

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