Everyone needs a change once in a while – and this is applicable for both, you and your skin. So instead of sticking to your usual chemical-based beauty routine, switch things up a bit, take a walk around your kitchen and try some single-step home remedies that work wonders. Here are a few tried-and-tested ones to get you started.

skin care tips from kitchen coconut oil 430x550

Once a week, go natural, replace your moisturiser with coconut or castor oil and massage your face with it for skin that’s soft and wrinkle-free. In fact, if you don’t have the time for a massage, apply it all over your body half-an-hour before you shower.

skin care tips from kitchen unpasteurized milk 430x550

This weekly beauty tip is especially useful for those of you who spend time outdoors – Pour some cold, unpasteurized milk on cotton wool and dab it all over your face. It’ll cleanse your skin and help you get rid of blocked pores (and therefore blackheads.)

skin care tips from kitchen potato 430x550

Dealing with stubborn pigmentation? Head straight to your kitchen, chop up a potato and rub it over the affected area. Rinse off after 15 minutes for instant (but temporary) relief. Continue over time for visible results.

skin care tips from kitchen orange juice 430x550

Freshly squeezed orange juice when applied on the skin works wonders! The Vitamin C and antioxidants smoothen the skin and leave it feeling nourished and rejuvenated.

skin care tips from kitchen aloe vera 430x550

If you haven’t read about the magic of aloe vera already, you should know that it works both, internally as well as externally. Use it as toner on your face to close open pores and soothe your skin or consume it in the form of juice to aide in digestion and boost immunity.

skin care tips from kitchen neem oil 430x550

If you’re dealing with unwanted redness, rashes or blemishes just dab some neem oil onto the affected area and leave overnight. It not only cools the area but also moisturises it as it works.

skin care tips from kitchen sugar 430x550

Unlike most scrubs that use salt as a base, make your own DIY scrub using sugar instead. It helps to retain moisture and cool your skin and also increases cell turnover. It can be used with a series of natural herbs.

skin care tips from kitchen rose water 430x550

Our very own gulaab paani or rose water makes for an excellent toner and a readily available replacement for tea tree oil. It’s natural, cools the skin, leaves it feeling soft and supple and of course, smells great!