Want To Glow All Through Your Pregnancy? These Skincare Tips Should Help...

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Want to glow all through your pregnancy? These skincare tips should help...

Pregnancy changes a woman in more ways than one. It not only brings about a lot of physical changes, but also quite a few emotional ones. This happens due to a lot of hormonal changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. Depending on your hormonal cycle, your skin could either glow or look very tired and lacklustre. 

But irrespective of how your skin looks and feels, we really think it is extremely important that you nurture and care for your skin to keep it looking healthy and glowing. Listed below are some easy to follow beauty tips that will ensure that you look and feel your best at all times without minimum effort. 


Drink plenty of water

Use makeup wisely

There is an increase in blood volume as well as the general nausea, leading to a lot of dehydration and discomfort in general. Hence, every pregnant woman should consume at least two litres of water to keep her skin looking radiant all through the nine months.


Eat right

Use makeup wisely

Every woman needs to be extremely mindful about what she consumes during pregnancy, because this majorly impacts her as well as her child's health. Eat foods that are rich sources of Omega oils as they keep your skin looking supple and glowing. Additionally, always consume green leafy veggies, fruits and lean meat to fight wrinkles and discolouration.


Watch out for stretch marks

Use makeup wisely

Prevent and deal with stretch marks early on to prevent them from becoming stubborn later. Invest in good and natural skincare products such as shea butter or natural body oils such as sweet almond or olive oil. Gently massage the cream or oil on a daily basis focusing on your belly, breasts, and hips.


Follow a proper skincare routine

Use makeup wisely

Do not forget to take care of your skin when pregnant. While hormonal changes are unavoidable, you can try to prevent further damage to your skin by strictly following a CTM routine. Ensure that the products you use are gentle and do not contain harmful chemicals.


Use makeup wisely

Use makeup wisely

Dark spots, pigmentation, under eye circles and pale skin are almost unavoidable during pregnancy. Use makeup to help conceal these and look your best. Use products that are safe for your skin and give you a fresh and dewy look.

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