5 Things Your Skin Reveals About Your Diet

Written by Sukriti RijhsinghaniSep 16, 2023
5 Things Your Skin Reveals About Your Diet

Everything that you consume has an impact not only on your inner healthy but on your appearance as well. What you put on your plate is more important than what you put on your skin. If you eat loads of junk food, then there are high chances of you facing its consequences in the form of acne breakouts, puffy eyes etc.

In order to avoid these skin problems, make these minor changes in your daily diet...


1. Acne

5.	Early Signs Of Ageing

Isn’t it frustrating when you have to go out and there is a little acne bump on your face? If those acne marks won’t leave you alone, then ladies, sit up and take note! Your eating habits may need a major change. Foods that are high in iodine content may trigger acne and frequent breakouts.

Revaluate your diet for iodine-rich foods. Bring in some seaweed, cod, iodized salt, shrimp, tuna, eggs, prunes to get relieved from acne.


2. Dry Skin

5.	Early Signs Of Ageing

Who can live with dry, flaky and cracked skin? If you are experiencing this on regular basis, it means that you need to drink more water and also eat more hydrating foods like cucumber, lettuce and watermelon. Your diet plays an important role in keeping your skin hydrated and radiant.  


3. Puffy Face

5.	Early Signs Of Ageing

The day you want to look fresh, the only thing that comes in your way is the puffiness. A puffy face can mean that your body lacks good fats. Essential fatty acids like seeds and oils protect your skin from inflammation. Make sure you add these essential fatty acids to your diet. Add some wheat germ, walnut, soybean, canola, flaxseed, beans, nuts, seeds.


4. Stretch Marks

5.	Early Signs Of Ageing

Stretch marks are caused because of the tearing of the middle layer of your skin which is known as dermis. The scars often take place when you have less of zinc in your diet. If you want to repair or heal the tissues then add some considerable amount of zinc to your diet. Add cereals, red meat, poultry, whole grains, dairy products to your diet.


5. Early Signs Of Ageing

5.	Early Signs Of Ageing

Ageing is a natural process. You may not be able to reverse it but you can slow it down. The quicker you eat your food the less nutrients you absorb. Proper chewing, tasting and swallowing of food can cause greater nutrient absorption by your digestive system. This slows down ageing of skin.

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