I have always been a sucker for face tools —  rollers, vibrating T-bar wands, metal sculptors and a couple of other knick-knacks available in beauty shops. My bathroom cabinet is stacked with lotions, potions, serums and tinctures… everything that a handful of face tools can help deliver better and deeper into my skin. 

The fact that face tools are super relaxing also comes into play while doing my nighttime skincare routine. A couple of minutes spent massaging my face is an excellent stress buster at the end of the day. While I have used almost every kind of face tool, my favourite remains the classic jade roller; a fact I recently discovered after I started using it on the daily!


adding jade roller to skincare routine

Earlier, I would use different face massage tools, and on some days even skip them altogether. On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to pick a favourite tool and start using it daily, just to see if it made any noticeable differences in the skin. I picked the jade roller because it is the most convenient of the lot and I am already a fan. 

Jade rollers boast of multiple skin benefits —  they massage facial tissues to improve circulation, soothe and calm tired skin and help with lymphatic drainage to make your skin glow from within. These are but a few to name, so I committed to using one every day for a whole month, and being in quarantine helped because I had the time to do it well.

adding jade roller to skincare routine

There are a couple of ways I incorporated the jade roller into my routine:

  1. Post applying serum - I suffered from adult acne for many years in my early twenties. When it finally cured, I was still left with post-acne scars to deal with, for which I use potent serums. I am especially a fan of the vitamin C serum and to avoid wastage, I apply it directly on my face. Massaging in with a jade roller, I spend a couple of minutes going over each and every inch of my skin, especially over scarred areas. 
  2. Over sheet masks - This one’s my fave! I go over my sheet mask with a jade roller. Trust me when I say this, the sheet masks actually dry up after 15 minutes, with my thirsty skin having soaked up every last drop of the essence from the sheet.
  3. An eye massager - Constantly looking at electronics while social distancing does take a toll on my eyes. Which is why I like to massage my eyes with a refreshing gel-based cream. I use the smaller head of the roller to gently massage my eyes, especially since they are known to drain excess fluid from your eye area.
  4. Morning quick de-puff - I always keep my jade roller in the freezer and every morning after waking up, I wipe it down and quickly go over my face to de-puff it. The massage also wakes my skin up, and in turn, me. So much so that some days I don't even feel the need for coffee — yep, that good!
  5. Lip massager - I have quite thin lips naturally, so any product that gives it a slight plumping effect will find a place in my vanity. A couple of glides around my lip and they are instantly plumed!

adding jade roller to skincare routine

So did the month-long TLC with a jade roller actually do anything for my skin? Dermatologists say that jade rollers will give you the same benefits that any for skin massage would, even if you do it to your hands. And I totally agree —  massaging my face with the roller improved the state of my skin. Which is a big win because I will never use my hands to massage my skin, I get too aggressive with it. The jade rolling kept the quarantine-induced stress at bay, relaxing my facial muscles and making up for the lack of regular facials. I would always feel my skin toned and lifted after a jade session. My face would also feel slightly flushed and plumped so all of the aesthetic selfies happened right after it. 

As for some of the claims out there surrounding jade rollers, I did not notice any fading of wrinkles or tightening of pores. And yes, my 27-year old skin doesn’t have wrinkles, especially crow’s feet under my eyes. I also have oily skin and visibly large pores, which remained unchanged. Props for all that extra glow though!

After a whole month of using a jade roller in my skincare routine, I can state this with confidence —  as a facial tool, it is certainly worth the investment. But make sure you’re using it the right way —  starting from the bottom of your face and going upwards. Just the idea that you are taking one extra step for your skin is enough to add a happy glow on your face!