If you’ve never heard of dry brushing before, you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about and what the point of it is, right? Let us introduce you to the easiest and the most cost-effective wellness tip for healthy and glowing skin. You will be able to spot this easy-to-do skin routine in spas around the world, but dry brushing can be done just as easily in the comfort of your own home. This technique not only promises gorgeous skin, but also has the most amazing health benefits.
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What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a simple trick that requires you to brush your entire body with a bristle brush to eradicate dead skin and unclog your pores. You have to stroke the brush towards your heart, starting at your foot. The idea is to accelerate the toxin elimination process of our skin.

What are the benefits of dry brushing?

Dry brushing regulates the lymphatic system and helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body.

You will get softer skin in just a few days as it exfoliates your body and helps loosen and remove dead skin cells naturally.

Exfoliating your skin also helps in clearing oil, dirt and residue from your pores.

Though not scientifically proven, dry brushing helps soften cellulite and regular brushing can reduce their appearance.

Increased blood flow due to blood circulation leads to more energy; hence it’s recommended that dry brushing be a part of your morning routine.

Things to remember…

Your skin should never sting after brushing, so don’t brush too hard. Soft stokes are enough to exfoliate your skin properly.

Brush before you take a shower and moisturize after you are done.

Get a natural bristle brush with a long handle so can reach all areas of your body.

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