Everything You Need To Know About The 2020 Inhalable Beauty Trend

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
Everything you need to know about the 2020 inhalable beauty trend
2020 has been a strange year indeed (and we’re only half-way done!). With a global pandemic leading most conversations, we are seeing interesting trends come up to accommodate the changing lifestyles. Did you know you can now try makeup products with some online retailers before you buy them? They look so realistic as well! With most interactions aiming to reduce contact, the beauty space is coming up with near-genius innovations; one of them is so apt for this particular year… inhalable beauty!

What is inhalable beauty?

Why has inhalable struggled to gain popularity?

Desi girls have been familiar with inhalable beauty for a long time. We have used the benefits of essential oils, dhoop or other inhalable wellness products to enhance our health. Simply put, the logic behind inhalable beauty is to infuse products with essential vitamins and minerals, which when inhaled, is delivered straight to the nervous system. They not only work faster to give noticeable results on the skin but also help improve your mental state.

Major forms of inhalable beauty are aromatherapy in wellness and psychodermatology in dermatology and nutrient-enriched vaping sticks.


What are the benefits touted by inhalable beauty?

Why has inhalable struggled to gain popularity?

Even though it is still in the developmental stage, inhalable beauty claims the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress level: According to experts, certain ingredients can trick your brain in performing better. For instance, using the concept of functional perfume, you can not only smell good but also feel good by working on your stress levels.
  • Inhalable supplements: You might soon have the option to inhale your skin supplements rather than taking tablets/pills for it. With evidence saying that your body absorbs essential vitamins better when inhaled, you might soon find yourself diffusing essential oils more often.
  • It is versatile for being on-the-go: Inhalable beauty has been labelled as ‘beauty-on-the-go’ since you might either be wearing it as a perfume or vaping it. These products contain vitamin B-12, vitamin C, caffeine, chamomile extract, green tea extract, and melatonin.


Why has inhalable struggled to gain popularity?

Why has inhalable struggled to gain popularity?

As mentioned before, this major beauty trend is brand new and is still being weighed for important pros and cons. Most importantly, how safe it can be. While vaping has already hit a roadblock with many countries banning these devices, some are still not convinced about the claims. Especially in aromatherapy, where formulations like Frankincense essential oil are known to impart age-defying benefits, they are mostly relegated to “indulgences” rather than being a part of a skincare routine.

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