Long before the packaging of our skin products started mentioning the ingredients that we couldn’t pronounce, clay was used to address most skin concerns. Right from absorbing excess oil to calming breakouts, clay has been used for centuries as the most natural and classic way of dealing with skin problems. However, the only drawback of using clay was that it would dry out certain skin types. That’s however is a thing of the past because the new skin care superhero in town does not have any drying effects!

Here’s everything you need to know about Kaolin clay

What is Kaolin clay ?

What is it?

Kaolin clay originates in China and therefore it is also known as China clay. It is generally white in colour and has a very smooth and soft texture. Since it has a neutral pH value and is extremely gentle on the skin, it is suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitive. When applied topically, it offers an array of benefits to skin and hair.

Benefits of Kaolin clay

Benefits of Kaolin clay

Absorbs oil - Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil and sebum from the skin making it look naturally matte and soft. Although the absorbing properties aren’t as great as bentonite clay, it deep cleanses the pores without stripping the natural oils of your skin.

Calms skin irritation - Be it a heat rash or bug bite Kaolin clay has calming and healing properties that soothe skin inflammations when applied topically.

Cleans hair and scalp - Kaolin clay can also be used as a shampoo to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from your scalp. It promotes blood circulation thereby strengthening the roots.

kaolin clay new superhero treat problem skin

How to use it?

Kaolin clay and honey face mask

Both honey and Kaolin clay have naturally soothing and calming properties, when used together as a face mask it can heal skin problems and give you smooth and soft skin. Simply mix 2 teaspoon of Kaolin clay with 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon of rose water in a bowl. Apply evenly all over face and let it dry for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Kaolin clay and argan oil hair mask

Every woman dreams of soft and healthy locks, you can get it by including this hair mask in your hair care routine. Mix 2 tablespoons of Kaolin clay with water and a few drops of argan oil. Use this paste to massage your scalp and let it stay for 10-15 minutes before thoroughly washing it off.