What Is Skin Polishing And How Does It Really Help?

Written by Lopa KAug 14, 2023
What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help?

With all these fancy technologies, products and experiences, the world of skincare and beauty can get a little overwhelming. But we like to think of ourselves as your guide, a friend in the chaos, accompanying you on the yellow brick road to the dream of flawless skin. So, today let us go through skin polishing, what it is, its benefits and why you should try it out. 

What is Skin Polishing: The Basics  

Heard of it but not sure what is skin polishing? Well, this non-invasive procedure is basically a more hardcore version of your usual exfoliating. It kills two birds with one stone as it gets rid of the dead skin cells while nourishing your skin with much-needed nutrients. This helps in smoothening the texture, reducing premature ageing signs such as fine lines and blemishes. Well, let’s take a deeper look at this procedure. 

What is Skin Polishing? 

What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help?

1. A non-invasive treatment 

Did you know that the usual skin polishing kit just includes an exfoliating device and active ingredients? No needle, no harmful chemicals, nada. The minute granular formula is applied to your face through a handheld device. It is rubbed around the affected area to take off the upper, damaged surface layer and make space for a new and healthy dermis.  

2. Easy aftercare 

While most treatments leave your skin extremely sensitive to outside forces, skin polishing treatment is relatively easier to handle. The most basic step in the aftercare is not to touch your skin, yep that’s it. To quicken the healing process, avoid putting any type of cream or makeup on your face for a few days. Be generous with your sunscreen if you are going out. See that you don’t sweat for at least the first two days and this includes no exercising or saunas. Just keep drinking lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. 

3. Actually brings about instant results 

Whether you do skin polishing at home with a microdermabrasion kit or in the salon, this treatment actually gives you instant visible results while also following up on the longer-lasting results. If your skin is a little dry or dull looking, then you can immediately see the glow up. Literally, it adds a glow to your face as the new and tender skin is blemish-free and clear. The formula most polishing treatments use also has moisturising and hydrating properties that nourish it making it soft to the touch.

What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help?

4. Not painful 

Ever freaked out over those chemical peels completely taking off the first layer of your skin? Or do needles and lasers deter you from trying out any facials? Well, you are in luck as polishing is just like exfoliating at home. It gently works on scrubbing off the dead skin cells. In some methods, it can also suck out the grime in a vacuum-type device. If you can handle a little bit of tingling, you can also go for a fruit or safe chemical peel which then peels away the top layer of your skin. 

5. Reasonable rates 

We’ll be honest, reasonable prices depend on how much your wallet weighs. But in general, polishing is relatively less pricey as it can range from anywhere between Rs. 2,500 to 30,000. It depends on how intense the treatment is, what your skin concerns are and how large of an area you want to polish. The more textured your skin is with deep acne scars and pockmarks, the more effort will be used to polish it making it a little more expensive. 

How Does Skin Polishing Help Skin?  

What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help?

1. Reduces signs of premature ageing 

A skin polishing treatment can easily take care of the signs of premature ageing. Since it removes the uppermost layer of your skin, this also gets rid of age spots, fine lines and other types of blemishes. The ingredients used instead tighten the skin and moisturise it to leave it taut, supple and younger-looking. 

2. Takes care of acne 

When you have active acne, it can be a chore to do any kind of facial as they might be tender and make your skin extra sensitive. However, skin polishing helps calm down newly forming acne or clear them out when they are at that annoying last stage which ends in scarring. Since it also clears out your pores, polishing means getting rid of the acne-causing bacteria which may wreak havoc way into adulthood. 

3. Evens skin tone and smoothens rough texture 

The first session can easily fade away light blemishes and slight scarring. But if you have dark spots, experience a ton of break out and cystic acne, it can lead to a rough texture even after the acne is gone. But by polishing, it removes the top layer of the skin aka the textured and uneven layer. In return what you get is a smooth, polished and flawless layer free of blemishes, scars, rashes and the whole gamut.  

What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help?

4. Hydrates dry skin and repairs lipid barrier 

In this method, the exfoliant that is used is rich in essential nutrients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, glycolic acid or fruit acid. So, when they reach below the surface layer, they help repair any minor damages that may have occurred. This includes hydrating dry skin and moisturising it. It also helps enhance the skin’s natural ability to seal the moisture in and strengthen the lipid barrier.  

5. Deeply exfoliates 

While this is understood, polishing gives slightly better results than your usual exfoliating as it uses outside forces (literally) to deeply exfoliate your skin. So, you don’t have to worry about any missed spots or deeply-rooted blackheads as polishing can take care of it for you. It also promotes blood circulation and oxygen flow to your face which regenerates healthy skin cells.

What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help?

FAQs about What is Skin Polishing and How Does It Really Help? 

Q1. How often to do skin polishing? 

A. Since some blemishes, scarring or wrinkles may be deep, it may take up to seven or eight sessions to truly get clear skin. But you should let your skin breathe and recover for at least a month before each session. For the at-home treatments, you can exfoliate once a week for seven to eight sessions. 

Q2. What are the side effects of skin polishing? 

A. Since this method takes off the uppermost layer of the skin, the fresh new layer underneath is tender and sensitive. So, there can be a slight redness, tingling or even itching. If your skin is naturally sensitive, you may also experience some swelling for a couple of days. As for the actual peeling of the skin, it can continue up to five days if a large area is treated. 

Q3. What are the types of skin polishing? 

A. There are different methods that all bring about different results. Crystal microdermabrasion scrapes away the top layer while vacuuming the build-up. Diamond microdermabrasion has a device with a diamond tip that is used for sensitive skin like the eye area. 

And there you have it! From the benefits and price to actual results and aftercare, polishing is not too difficult of a procedure. If you have a big event like say your wedding or a graduation ceremony, you can get rid of the stubborn flaws by simply polishing them off.  

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