What Is The Acne On Your Face Trying To Tell You

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedApr 09, 2019
While your eyes may be a mirror reflection of your soul, your face is no less of a reflection on your health. Your facial skin speaks louder of your inner health than you think and yes, we are drawing references straight from the ancient practice rooted in Ayurveda and the Chinese medicine that works around the roadmap of your face.  This face map pinpoints the underlying issues of your body and can be used to map out and dissect your ailments. Don’t believe us? Read on as we tell you how…
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Forehead Acne

Breakouts and acne on the forehead can imply an imbalanced functioning of the gallbladder or the liver. Breakouts on the forehead can also be a result of dehydration,  stress or even an imbalanced diet. This is when you need to resort to hydrating foods, consume water and water laden fruits and vegetables in abundance. Cutting down on processed, junk and fatty foods also helps reduce the excess oil in your diet.

Forehead acne can also imply an allergic reaction caused by your shampoo or other hair products that may have have harmed your skin. So make sure you maintain high standards of skin hygiene and opt for antibacterial face washes. Ance-prone skin can also use an enhanced blood circulation in the body which can play an enormous role in curbing forehead acne.

Between the brows breakout

Breakouts in between your brows signify that you are either drinking or smoking too much or you are indulging a little too much in what are called rich foods such as butter and cheese which lead to oily skin, which in turn cause clogged pores and breakouts. To curb this make simple lifestyle changes like minimising late night indulgences and midnight snacking, maintaining hygiene with your brow tools like the thread and the plucker and regular change of pillows.

Nose Acne

If you are experiencing acne on your nose you can trace it back to your lung and heart. The best way to combat this? Cut down on spicy foods, meats and switch them with healthier options like the fruits, vegetables and nuts. Nose breakouts can also find roots in Vitamin B deficiencies and blood pressure issues. This can however be curbed if you can take a little care with your diet and exercise.

Natural remedies like the tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, ice and lemon juice can all come in handy to fight nose acne.

Left cheek acne

Acne is basically a result of heat, be it because of a weakened digestive system or high cholesterol but when the body produces toxic substances that flow into the blood it leads to heated lungs and result in skin breakouts. Acne on the left cheek indicates left lung and liver disorders. Since the liver is the weakest between 1 to 5 PM it is recommended that you let it rest during that time. Left cheek acne could also mean poor dental health so you might want to be more careful with your gums and teeth and keep them healthy by flossing and brushing regularly.

Right cheek acne

Acne on the right cheek indicates a diseased right lung and because the lungs are the strongest in the morning you can take up lung strengthening exercises like aerobics and breathing exercises. This will not only strengthen your lungs but will also keep them in good health which will lead to better blood circulation and therefore better skin. Also keep yourself hydrated and consume plenty of water. You can also cut down on sugar, wine and seafood to control body temperatures and thus improved skin.

Lip and mouth area acne

Blame it on your imbalanced diet if you are suffering from breakouts in the lip and mouth area. The mouth area is in direct link with your digestive organs like the intestine and liver, it is recommended therefore that you cut down on fried and spicy food and resort to fibrous foods instead like fruits and vegetables that will ease out your digestive functions. You can also apply ice as it helps fight inflammation and acne or apply lemon on the affected area so that the acidity kills bacteria and helps dry out the pimples.

Chin acne

Chin acne is a clear sign of hormonal imbalance. At such times resort to health drinks that are rich in omega 3 and can soothe the breakouts. Make sure you sleep at least eight hours a day and eat and exercise right. Also make sure you consult the gynecologist about your hormonal imbalances. If you’re looking to treat it externally, you can opt for a honey and cinnamon face pack that will help with spot reduction.

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