Is There A Difference Between Day And Night Moisturiser? We Find Out...

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Is there a difference between day and night moisturiser? We find out...

Everyone needs a good moisturiser in their skincare arsenal because moisturisers are the easiest way to provide your skin with the necessary nourishment and make it look healthy and feel healthy. But do you really need a different moisturiser for day use and night? Why can’t you use just one product? Let’s find out…


What are day creams?

What are night creams?

During the day, your skin is usually subjected to a lot of UV damage, pollution, environmental aggressors, stress and makeup. Day creams are usually lighter on the active ingredients and only concentrate on thorough skin moisturising. This is why, day creams usually contain some sort of SPF that helps prevent sun damage and works as an added bonus to your normal sunblock. Another signature feature of a day cream is a lightweight texture. This is because day moisturisers are used under makeup and need to sink right into the skin for a seamless application. A day cream also needs to keep dryness at bay for the entire day and yet allow your skin to breathe. This is why they have a non-greasy formula that offer an oil-free canvas for your makeup to glide on.


What are night creams?

What are night creams?

While you sleep, your skin goes through heavy repairing and regeneration processes and this is precisely why beauty sleep is a thing. This is why night creams also are, chock full of active ingredients that help restore the damage caused to the skin during the day. They have a thick consistency and a higher concentration of high-performance ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Hence night creams heavily concentrate on moisturising as well as recovery. Night creams have a slow- absorbent formula that gradually penetrates into your skin over the course of several hours and works at a deeper level to eliminate dryness, signs of ageing and pigmentation.

Why use both?

There is a huge difference the texture, purpose and feel of both your creams, hence it is highly advised that you use both. Using a night cream in the day won't provide sun protection, and using a day cream in the night won't deliver enough nutrients to repair damaged skin. 

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