We have absolutely nothing against growing up. You get the freedom you’ve always craved but the thought of losing that muscle tone on your face and god forbid, the first wrinkle, makes it harrowing. To keep your youth’s beauty intact, make sure you start to prepare at the right time. Just like you exercise your body to keep it toned, your face also needs exercise to maintain elasticity and fight premature wrinkles.
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The changes that you face with ageing start small and result in the following problems in the long run. Here’s the scary, but honest, list:
Crow’s feet
Sagging jaw line
Eye bags and under eye puffiness
Wrinkles around the lips
Sagging neck skin
Droopy eyelids
Sagging cheeks
Double chin

Start Early
Take 10 minutes every day to exercise your facial muscles. The first step is to recognize the problem area. Remember, if your eyelids suffer from wrinkles and are sagging, you need to exercise the muscles of your eyes as well as the ones around your eyes too, which in this case are the forehead muscles and cheek muscles.

Strengthen your facial muscles using the following exercises:

Eye muscles: To strengthen your eye muscles, place two fingers on the corner of the eyes. Shut the eyes tight, hold the position and then open them. (10 reps.)

Forehead muscles: Raise your eyebrows as high as possible, hold them for five seconds and then relax. (10 reps.)

Cheek muscles: To prevent your cheeks from sagging or to give them a natural lift, using three center fingers, press down on your cheeks and smile as hard as you can to raise your cheek muscles against your fingers. Hold position for 10 seconds. (10 reps.)

Mouth muscles: Place two fingers on either side of the mouth and pull the corners towards the ears. While keeping them pursed, try pouting. Hold for 10 seconds. (10 reps to avoid lines around the mouth and sharpen the corners.)

Chin: Place three fingers below your lips, resting on the chin. Pull the fingers downwards while taking the lower lip inside the mouth against the pull of the fingers. Hold for 10 seconds. (10 reps.)