Why Breaking Into A Sweat Is Good For Your Skin

Written by Girija NaiksatamAug 26, 2016
Sweating might be an inconvenience at most times but did you know that in reality it’s actually great for your skin? And no, we don’t mean the stand in the sun till you begin melting, we mean the kind where you’re working (or working out) towards it. Here’s why…
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Sweating nourishes
The fact that you’re sweating means that your body is getting some exercise and physical activity. This, in itself, signals your heart to start pumping more oxygen and blood into your system, which in turn nourishes and replenishes your skin cells – the same thing that’s responsible for the rosy flush on your skin every time you’re back from a run or the gym.

Sweating cleanses
Sweating is one of the most natural ways for your skin to give itself a cleanse. It opens up your pores to push out toxins and impurities that might be lingering near or at the surface. This is the same reason why salons use steam on your face before they perform extractions (white and black heads.)
Sweating fights
A little known fact - not only does sweating pump out the toxins from your body but international research also suggests that sweat contains dermcidin, a natural antibiotic which fights surface bacteria that could be the breeding ground for acne, rashes and skin infections.

Before your sweat it out

- Remember to keep your skin hydrated both, before and after you work out. The lesser the water content in your sweat, the more the chances of a skin infection.
- Cleanse your skin soon after you’re back from your workout. Zits are caused when dirt that is released during sweating lingers on the surface and is reabsorbed into your skin.
- Always choose light, cotton clothing instead of spandex and artificial fibres. It is imperative that you allow your skin to breathe freely when you’re working out.

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