Why Soap Can Rob The Glow From Your Face

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 04, 2016
Skipping soap in favour of face wash for cleansing your face is highly advisable. We tell you why.
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Skin is Acidic, Soap is Alkaline - Based
The natural barrier of our skin is made up of acid mantle and its pH balance is generally between 4 and 6.5, even when your skin is really oily. Soap is extremely alkaline and goes towards the other extreme. Using soap on your skin messes with its pH balance and acid mantle, making your skin condition worse. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using soap on your face.

Soap Makes Your Skin Dry
Soap strips your skin of its natural oils, rendering it tight and dry. And no, even if you have extremely oily skin, it’s still detrimental for your face. Washing your face with soap is as good as washing it with detergent.  

If you suffer from very oily skin, opt for a face wash suited for that skin type. It will wash off the oils and dirt from the surface of the skin without disturbing your skin’s pH balance. We especially love the New Dove Beauty Facial Cleansers with NutriumMoisture™ Beauty Serum that repair any skin damage done by cleansing and restore the skin’s natural moisture, leaving your skin feeling bouncy and happy.

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Soap May Damage Your Skin
The great thing about using face wash is that there are products for different skin types. They contain ingredients suited to give you the best cleansing for your skin while also being gentle on it. However, this does not hold true of soaps. The harsh chemicals used in soaps may clean your skin but they do not protect it. And while using soap for the rest of your body is fine, the skin on your face is far more delicate and regular usage of soap on it could leave it looking haggard, dull and wrinkled.

Last Words
There are specialised soaps made primarily for washing your face and you can consult a dermatologist on using them. However, our advice is – stay away from soap and invest in a good face wash. The benefits of it will show on your face.

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