6 Reasons Why Calendula Oil Is Great For Your Skin

Written by Nida SayyedSep 16, 2023
6 reasons why calendula oil is great for your skin

The very beneficial and very underrated Calendula oil is extracted from marigold flower and has umpteen beauty benefits that go unnoticed.

But like a true blue beauty lover we have dug out the benefits of Calendula oil and the reasons why we need it in our life...


It is antiseptic

It also hydrates your skin

Calendula oil is safe and has medicinal properties. It can be used on wounds. Calendula oil and aloe vera work great on wounds together.


It is great for sensitive skin

It also hydrates your skin

People with sensitive or acne prone skin, mix in Calendula oil in your masks and moisturisers, and use it on skin once a week. If you have dry skin, it’ll help moisturise. For oily skin it maintains moisture in skin and fights acne.


It helps treat acne

It also hydrates your skin

You can also spot treat acne with it. Just mix Calendula oil in aloe vera and dab it on acne scars.


New moms take note

It also hydrates your skin

Calendula oil helps with eczema so you new mommies can try it if your baby has eczema. Calendula oil is also safe for infants. Use it to relieve diaper rash. Mix in a small portion with aloe vera gel and apply a small amount on troubled areas, few times a day.


It makes a safe scrub

It also hydrates your skin

Because it has medicinal values, it is a perfect medium for a scrub for acne prone skin. Mix it in with ground coffee or oatmeal and use it to exfoliate your skin.


It also hydrates your skin

It also hydrates your skin

Use it for better skin. Use it as your serum at night. It’s known to clean skin tone and fight acne. Calendula oil promotes hydration and makes skin tight, shooing away premature aging.

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