Why You Need To Add Body Lotion To Your Monsoon Skin Care Routine

Written by Dayle PereiraDec 17, 2018
Why YOU NEED TO ADD  body lotion TO YOUR MONSOON skin care routine
Sure, the monsoons bring us ample joy but this is also the time when our skin takes a beating, what with it becoming rather sticky due to the humidity in the air. This is when you commit a skin blunder by skipping moisturising altogether. While the humidity has a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin, the rains leave the skin fluctuating between wet and dry leading to dehydration of the skin cells. Precisely the reason why we’re telling you that your skin needs its holy grail during this season in the form of a body lotion...

Why your skin longs for body lotion

Mastering the method

Owing to the many detrimental effects of the monsoons on our skin, moisturising is often shunned to avoid further stickiness. However, this is one of the biggest skincare mistakes one can make because it is now more than ever that your skin requires moisture. The right body lotion can provide your body with the nutrients that the season takes away from it while increasing the level of moisture in the skin.


Find the right body moisturiser for you

Mastering the method

When the monsoon leaves you in doubt about the right body lotion, look no further than the Intensive Care lotions from Vaseline. Their non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into all 3 layers of the skin so that one is left with a completely moisturised feeling. For optimum hydration this season, the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion will leave your skin moisturised with its Pure Oat Extract and Stratys 3 Multi-Layer Moisture. All you really need to do is apply the lotion all over your body, specially focusing on areas like elbows , knees, hands and feet. The result? Moisturised and hydrated skin!


Mastering the method

Mastering the method

Once you reach out for the right moisturiser, it is advisable to use it twice a day. You must apply it in the morning right after you shower and once again, before going to bed. Make sure you keep a bottle handy at all times so you replenish the skin with small doses of moisturiser all through the day.

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