Why You Need To Put Ice On Your Face Now!

Written by Sanjana GuptaSep 16, 2023
Skincare demands a lot of effort and dedication, but a few tips and tricks could help you reach your targets in much easier manner. While the idea of rubbing ice cubes on your face might sound completely bizarre, it just may be one of those few eccentric tips that might work for you.

Have you tried rubbing ices on your face? If you haven’t, know that you’ve been missing out on quite a bit!

Not only is it refreshing, but it is also an excellent hack. And here’s why:

Will aid in soothing sunburns:

Reverse ageing?

Suffering from sunburn? While having fun in the sun seems like a great idea, sunburns can in fact be quite the nightmare. Don’t worry though! We have a quick fix for you i.e. rubbing aloe ice cubes on the affected areas.

These frozen aloe ice cubes provide a cooling effect which can help you deal with ghastly sunburns. These ice cubes will help soothe the burns, rendering instant relief.

Don’t directly place the ice cubes onto the affected areas though. It is better if you wrap them in a paper towel and then place them on the affected regions.


Subdues pimples and inflammation:

Reverse ageing?

Got somewhere important to be, with the pesky pimple on your face threatening to steal your thunder?

Well, here’s an easy solution! Start off by washing your face with water and then dry it with a towel. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean washcloth and place this cloth gently on your pimple, holding it there for about a minute.

The ice will help subdue the redness and the inflammation. Plus, it also helps minimize the oil production.


Got under eye bags?

Reverse ageing?

Exhausted from the daily grind? Ice cubes make for an excellent remedy for puffy and tired-looking eyes.

Ice helps tone down the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Start off by washing your face. Then, wrap ice cubes in a washcloth and move them in circular motion over your eye region, from the inner corner of your eyes towards the eyebrows.

Repeat this process frequently throughout the week for best results.


Promotes blood circulation:

Reverse ageing?

Dull skin is bad news. You don’t have to burn a hole into your pocket trying to achieve glowing skin though.

The dull skin problem can be easily fixed using ice cubes. The coldness of the ice improves blood circulation and brightens your skin. Rubbing ice also adds colour to your skin, making it look even more rosy and radiant.

You can always incorporate this habit in your daily beauty regimen.


Reverse ageing?

Reverse ageing?

You can easily slow down the ageing process by rubbing ice cubes onto your face. It is quite effective and cheap a method. Rubbing ice cubes helps control signs of ageing, including wrinkles.

Start off by rubbing ice cubes onto your forehead gently, continuing for about 5 minutes. This will also help moisturize your skin to a great extent.

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