Why A Bottle Of Sunscreen Should Be In Your Handbag All Year Round

Written by Sukriti RijhsinghaniApr 04, 2023
Why a bottle of sunscreen should be in your handbag all year round

Your skin is something you wear every second of every day. Isn’t this enough reason for you to take care of it? Skincare is synonymous to sunscreen. Since a large part of our day is spent outdoors, it is vital that we get proper sun protection.

Exposure of your skin to the sun can cause a lot of issues. Sunscreen can help you protect your skin from many of these complications. Make a habit of applying it every day. Making a case for regular sunscreen once again, we list the benefits of this skin saviour.


Helps fight skin damage

Resolve skin allergies

Sunscreen blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays from penetrating your skin and protects it from sun damage and premature ageing. Exposure to the sun causes the elastin in the skin to break down, leading it to wrinkle and crease. If you apply sunscreen, it will prevent or delay this process. Try applying it 30 minutes before you step out of the house and keep re-applying it every 3-4 hours.


Prevents burning

Resolve skin allergies

Prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun can cause discolouration, pigmentation and brown spots. This is not very noticeable but can easily build-up with repeated exposure and become acute in a short span of time. People with cooler skin undertones are more prone to getting sunburnt. Apply sunscreen every day and prevent this from happening.


Protection for sensitive skin

Resolve skin allergies

If you have sensitive skin, then sunscreen is your best friend. It doesn’t matter whether it is winter or summer but sunscreen application is a must. Always keep travel-size sunscreen bottles with you so you can apply it while on the go!


Prevents skin tanning

Resolve skin allergies

If you are planning to go swimming, then you should apply sunscreen before you do, as it will prevent your skin from tanning. The chlorine in the water makes your skin susceptible to tanning and burning. Application of sunscreen will help you prevent that from happening. Make sure you apply sunscreen half hour before going to the pool.


Reduce skin allergies

Resolve skin allergies

The misconception that if you have skin allergies you should avoid sunscreen is just that, a misconception! You must apply it and it can help you heal the allergies. Avoid using sunscreens with alcohol, fragrances or preservatives. Keep this in mind and you are good to go!

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