Let me ask you something. What is the golden rule of skincare? That’s right! The first and most important  rule of skincare is you should never (under no circumstances, no matter what) touch your face with your grimy and sweaty hands. It is as important as moisturising or removing your makeup before bed, especially for oily and acne-prone skin.

If you have tried every acne treatment under the sun but you still keep getting those pesky pimples every now and then, it could be because you can’t keep your hands off your face. We know it’s hard when you are an oily mess or spot a pimple and you just want to use your hands to fix it. But this habit is only making things worse and you need to break it.

why one shouldnt touch face

What touching your face does to your skin?

Your hands accumulate dirt, sweat and bacteria when you are out and about in the city. Touching your acne-prone skin with grimy hands isn’t just gross, but also allows bacteria and allergens to transfer to your skin and trigger breakouts, making your skin look and feel greasier. Also, touching your face increases the urge to pick pimples, which is the last thing you want to do. 

why one shouldnt touch face

How can you avoid doing so?

Every time you are about to touch your face, think about how it will lead to annoying and embarrassing pimples and try to resist. Gross yourself out thinking about bacteria and germs on your face. Keep a blotting paper and facial wipes with you all the time. Use them instead of your bare hands to wipe off excess oil or sweat from your face. If you absolutely need to touch your face (you know, in case of smudged makeup or an itch), keep a hand sanitiser handy and rub it on your hands before touching your face. This will kill the bacteria and prevent flare-ups!