December is the month for introspection, the month to list out all the things you did this year and decide what you can do differently. Well, if you are someone who is passionate about skin care and beauty, then this year you can try some meditation and Yoga for glowing skin. Here is how...

Yin Yoga, will help you close chapters and start afresh this coming New Year. Spend the month of December relaxing and tying all the loose ends.


1. Yin and Yang yoga helps you relax and reconnect with yourself

Yin and Yang yoga helps you relax and reconnect with yourself

Coming from the Taoist principle of Yin and Yang, this yoga benefits your body in a holistic sense, mind and body, inside out. The movements that you do using your lower body focus on your intestines and the releases will help revitalize your connective tissues... The yin being steady and composed and yang being hot and active. You move your lower body and stay passive in your torso relaxing your mind and releasing toxins from your body.


2. It helps you with your posture

It helps you with your posture

Yin Yoga relaxes your muscles and releases those tangled knots in your body. The process of holding the asana for long periods of time helps with the relaxation and serenity. Yin Yoga is the least painful and the most comforting style of yoga. This will give you time to think with a clear head and tackle challenges. You will become more resilient to the stress caused by your fast paced life.


3. It helps untangle knots...

It helps untangle knots...

Spa can always be such an activity that you have to take your time out for, but for yin yoga, you can do it anywhere. It’s portable and it’s just like stretching. It’s so much more than just untangling those knots. You feel rejuvenated mentally and physically. No sore muscles after a good morning of yoga, it will teach you’re to slow down, take a break and really appreciate your body. Take charge this December and give your mind and body a well-deserved massage.

Pro Tip: Early mornings in the chilly weather is the ideal time to detangle and feel that extra oomph to take on the day!


4. Boosts your metabolism

4. Boosts your metabolism

Yin yoga will help with the changes inside your body. With the right diet, it will do wonders for your metabolism. Yin Yoga is the least painful and the most comforting style of yoga. Practising Yin Yoga is a form of self-care- without having to go out to treat yourself. It’s something that you can do it from the comfort of your home and find mind-blowing results!


5. Gives you glowing skin

5. Gives you glowing skin

Yoga is known to have a great effect on your mind and body, but a tangible change you will start seeing, is glowing skin. Releasing the toxins and all said negativity from your life, your skin will be shining. And by the end of it, you still haven’t broken a sweat? Isn’t that the best? Exercise without the aftermath of pain, become one with your inner self Give this a shot and see the difference, why don’t you?