International Yoga Festival: Benefits Of Yoga For Skin And Hair

Written by Nida SayyedJul 29, 2022
International Yoga Festival: Benefits of Yoga for skin and hair

Every year, a week in March is dedicated to yoga and celebrated by thousands in the International Yoga Festival. The 7-day event in Rishikesh focuses on the overall well-being of individuals with a bunch of yoga practices. They believe that yoga is not just for our body but for our body, mind, soul and hearts. But did you know, yoga also directly impacts your skin and hair? So technically, yoga is also for beauty. Even though this year’s festival has been cancelled, celebrate this event at home for we’re about to spill the amazingness yoga has for your appearance. Here are the benefits of Yoga for hair and skin.


Cools down inflamed skin

Boosts hair growth

Working out and especially practising yoga has a fabulous effect on your skin. With the excess heat in your body exiting with physical exertion, your body and skin feel a lot cooler and more relaxed. This is great for people who suffer from heat boils or constant irritation on the skin.

One of the best and easiest poses for this is Padahastasana. Stand tall with your feet shoulder length apart and bend down to touch your feet. Try to bend as much as possible without bending your knees. If you can’t touch your feet, that’s alright. Push yourself a little more every day and you will get there.


Adds a glow

Boosts hair growth

With all the perspiration, your skin throws out dirt from your pores. The heat you feel on your face while working out is similar to facial steam. Oils are able to exit easily and your skin feels cleaner and fresher post-yoga. Spend an hour on yoga every day and notice the difference in your skin.

Suryanamaskar is ideal if you want glowing skin. It engages your entire body with a bunch of movements and helps also you feel relaxed overall.


Improves gut health

Boosts hair growth

Irregular digestion not only impacts our mood and makes us more irritable but also shows on our skin in no time. It can cause pesky pimples due to toxins left behind. Yoga contributes vastly to improving your digestion.

Pawanmuktasana and Sukhasana are perfect for this problem. For the former, lie down on your back and hug your knees by wrapping your arms around them to hold them in place. Stay in the position for a few seconds or minutes and feel the clench on your abdomen. Don’t forget to take deep breaths through your nose during this asana.

For Sukhasana, sit with your legs crossed and back straight. Keep your palms flat on your knees and close your eyes. Now, blank out everything and just focus on your breathing. This will not only help your gut and skin but will also provide mental relaxation.

Benefits of Yoga for hair


Reduces hair fall

Boosts hair growth

By now we all know that the biggest root cause of hair fall is stress. It directly impacts our hair growth and hair health. But with yoga, you can ease the tension to a great extent and achieve healthier hair. Practising yoga regularly keeps our minds calm, further promoting hair growth and strong hair.

Simple meditation with your back straight and knees crossed will also do the trick. But a stellar pose for better hair is Adho Mukha Svanasana. Start by bending forward to touch the floor. Crawl ahead and make an angle with your knees straight and head down. Try to keep your feet flat on the ground, as much as possible. Hold the pose for about 45 seconds then release.


Boosts hair growth

Boosts hair growth

With all the movements, yoga improves blood circulation which helps hair growth - especially poses with your head turned down. For anything to repair, healthy blood cells need to reach the trouble spots.

A very fun and helpful yoga pose is the Sarvangasana. Lie down on your back and lift both your legs up with feet together. Hold your hips and try to raise your torse as much as possible. If you can hold it straight up, stay in the position for about 30-45 seconds and slowly release. This will also give your a fresher complexion along with gorgeous hair.

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