Yoga For The Face—3 Exercises That Work Better Than A Facelift

Written by Faye RemediosSep 26, 2018
We’re all aware of the benefits of yoga and the good it does our bodies. But have you heard of yoga for the face? If you haven’t, then you’re missing out on a regime that can make you glow, reduce wrinkles and erase lines—and it does all this absolutely naturally with no chemicals or painful procedures! Minal Potnis, a certified instructor in Yoga Facial Toning (YFT) and owner and contributor to Aiyana Wellness, has created a revolutionary facial yoga programme that uses a fusion of Tibetian doctrines, Facial Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, to give you a firm, smooth, and glowing facial appearance. “Face yoga stimulates collagen production that keeps skin tight and makes it less prone to wrinkles. It helps relieve tension and stress from the areas we tend to squeeze and scrunch all day long. These areas include the forehead, eyebrows and around the jaws and mouth,” she says. Minal reveals three easy exercises to transform your skin.

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The Eyebrow Stretch

  • Raise your eyebrows as high as possible as if you’re trying to touch the celling.

  • Turn your eyeballs towards the ceiling as if you’re looking at the ceiling.

  • Hold this for 15 seconds.

3 yoga face exercise for facelift o exercise 430x550

The Nirvana Eyes

  • Lift your eyeballs towards the ceiling.

  • Stretch and raise your eyebrows to touch the celling, stretching the eyeballs while simultaneously looking at the ceiling.

  • Holding the above position, slowly close your eyelids shut completely (This might take a bit of practice).

  • Shut your eyelids while having an inner smile. Have a tranquil expression while doing this. Be happy.

  • Hold this position for 15 seconds.

Do both exercises – The Eyebrow Stretch and The Nirvana Eyes – twice a day, 10 times each.


This works on strengthening the muscles of the eyes. It will strengthen the lower and upper eyelids; decrease bulging under eyes, increase blood circulation to the eye area and smoothen any lines around the eyes.

3 yoga face exercise for facelift o exercise 430x550

The ‘O’ Exercise

  • Open your mouth wide forming an ‘O’ shape.

  • Fold your lips over the teeth.

  • Tighten this position and hold.

  • Now, smile and keep breathing.

  • Hold for a count of 15 seconds.

Do this twice a day, 10 times each.


Increases the blood circulation, strengthens and tones your cheek, jaw lines and firms the lip muscles. Smoothens wrinkles.

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