Yoga Poses You Need To Try For Glowing Skin

Written by Nishtha BhallaNov 30, 2023
 Yoga poses you need to try for glowing skin

Your skin is only as healthy as the environment around you. In fact, your skin may actually mirror your environment; if you're living a dull, sedentary lifestyle, there's no way just a moisturiser or a serum can boost your skin to look fresh and lively.

So, if you want healthy, happy, glowing skin, your best bet is to treat your body well! If you treat your body well, it treats you well too. And there's no better way to get a head start on this than by trying out a few yoga poses that are sure to make your skin glow in no time. And it’s a total win-win. Not only do you get healthier, but your skin also becomes healthier too. Read on for the best yoga poses for glowing skin.


01. Vakrasana


Vakrasana, or a half-seated spinal twist, kindles the adrenal gland to function correctly and brings stress under control. This helps even out your skin, especially when you have textured skin, and is a great way to make your skin glow.


02. Sarvangasana


Also known as the shoulder stand, it's possibly one of the most effective ways to get glowing skin. It helps improve skin quality by promoting blood circulation towards your face, and practising it two to five times a day can help you get rid of dullness and acne. Also, doing shoulder stands is a pretty cool looking move. Sarvangasana ‘gram selfies, here we come.


03. Bhujangasana


A relaxing cobra post that helps reduce tension, stress, and fatigue, the Bhujangasana is perhaps the most versatile asana out there. It also aids in supplying extra oxygen to skin cells, which helps the body flush out toxins from the system. Hello, good skin!


04. Matsyasana


Stimulating the thyroid glands and, in turn, regulating hormones, along with increasing oxygen levels, all of which help bring a natural brightness and glow to your face. Is there anything the Matsyasana, or Fish Pose, can't do?


05. Halasan


The plough pose or the Halasan is easy to ace and ensures your digestive processes are on point. It also flushes harmful toxins from the body, and you know what that means — achieving glowing, healthy skin has never been easier!


06. Trikonasana


Also known as the triangle pose, this asana opens up the chest, lungs, and heart, meaning you get an enhanced oxygen supply. And, of course, leaves your skin feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

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