The term ‘Korean beauty’ isn’t new to any of us. Whether we’ve spotted it on a gigantic billboard or in the glossy pages of a magazine, the Asian beauty practice has, in all manner of speaking, become a part of our vocabulary. Although it may seem like a recent wave of trendy products and techniques in the world of skin care, the Korean practice of beauty dates back a few centuries.

korean beauty

Fondly known as K-beauty, its origins can be traced to the 1300’s when grooming and beautification first came to the fore. While features like dark eyebrows and rosy lips did get their share of attention, porcelain skin is what took precedence. In an effort to exude a healthy appearance, Korean women strived to get almost-translucent, fair skin with scrubs and oils. While yesteryear Korean beauty relied only on homemade concoctions and plant extracts, K-beauty today combines these same natural, potent ingredients to create some of the world’s best skincare products.

One of the most popular Korean exports is a comprehensive skin care routine that guarantees flawless, glowing skin by treating each area of the face separately. As a result, this exhaustive beauty regimen is an effective way to deal with common but persistent skincare problems like dark spots and dryness.

K beauty skin care

The key to the Korean beauty routine is potent and powerful ingredients, one of which is the Korean Akoya pearl. This gem, that takes at least two years to form, used to be harvested from the ocean as early as 750 AD by women divers. Its unique filter feeding ability nourishes it with all the essential nutrients that make it so very precious.

While you might not be able to procure this pearl as easily today, you can certainly reap its benefits by switching your regular skincare products with the Citra’s Pearl Fair Range that consists of a Face Wash and Face Cream. Enriched with the magic of this pink pearl, the cleanser rids the skin of any residue making it look brighter and fresher. Post cleansing, a generous helping of the lightweight Citra Pearl Fair Face Cream helps get rid of dullness and reveals even-toned, glowing skin.

Image Credits: Nylon Mag, Nina Poppe’s Website